Upcoming price reduction for activity tracker Vivofit 2

Starting from 1st May, 2015, Garmin in Thailand is planning to reduce price for vivofit 24,750 THB, 3,990 THB.

Considering that vivofit 2 on Garmin’s website is listed for USD 129.99, which is approximately 4,300 THB, the promotion price 3,990 THB sounds very attractive.

Vivofit 2 key features:

  • vivofit 2very unique for available in the market activity trackers, vivofit offers 1+ year battery life
  • thanks to easily noticeable red bar on the top display, reminds you to stay active
  • it also learns your activity level and suggest personalized daily goal
  • shows steps, calories, distance and time of day on backlit display; monitors sleep
  • automatically syncs to Garmin Connect™ to save, plan and share progress
  • supports heart rate monitor data (HRM included in the bundle version)
  • consists of backlight, beeper and activity timer.

Some more information about vivofit 2 on official Garmin’s blog (2-4):

  1. Garmin vivofit 2 minisite
  2. Garmin vivofit 2: Getting started
  3. Garmin vívofit 2: Moving Beyond the Basics
  4. Feature Focus: Backlight and Audible Alert on vívofit 2

Is it worth buying?

If you are not too active and commit yourself for a change, you should definitely consider buying one of those: vivofit 2 (from 1st May – 3,990 THB) , vivosmart (5,990 THB) and the latest GPS Smartwatch Vivoactive (9,700 THB) . I had started with the very first vivofit, and after months of using, I have to admit that it did help me to get into the right habit of exercising and being more physically active on daily bases. Some of us may think, that these devices are just gadgets. I thought similarly, but I did change my mind after using them to improve my life and the most valuable gem – health!

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