TomTom Touch review

Fitness tracker with built-in heart rate monitor and body composition measurement – TomTom Touch review
The name might not sound super familiar to some of you guys, but Tom Tom Touch is an interesting fitness tracker to talk about. This fitness tracker is one of the very latest in the industry and it has been able to please people who are interested in high tech fitness tracker units.

There is a thing with the technology industry. No matter what you see today, you will always expect something better tomorrow. Following that trend, the companies like Tom Tom are starting to flourish. This body composition measuring unit has a lot of features which will excite you and if you are a tech lover, you might go for one as well. More on that later though as we are going to review this interesting fitness tracker in this article. Let’s start.

So, what is it that Tom Tom has to offer for us?

TomTom Touch

TomTom Touch

With four colors and two different size variations, Tom Tom offers some interesting features to us. Let’s have a look at some of the features in details.

Great Tracking

You obviously expect a fitness tracker to be great when it comes to tracking. After all, tracking is the main reason why you are going for a fitness tracker. The Tom Tom offers decent tracking features. Whether you are sleeping or you are climbing a mountain, the tracker will be able to track your movements and obviously, the built-in heart rate tracking is top notch too.

We found the sleep tracker quite interesting too. It is mostly accurate and you will have a fun time with this tracker. It does not only track the regular sleeping system; it can also track those napping times if you want.

On top of regular tracking, you can always set specific goals and work that way. We have seen people find amusing results when they set daily goals. You might give it a try at times.

TomTom TouchHeart Rate Monitor

The built-in heart rate monitor is another key feature of this fitness tracker. Obviously, you want a quality built-in heart rate monitor in a tracker and this is something that most products face trouble with. Remember, heart rate is not just telling you the average number of your pressure system or blood flow. It is a lot more than that. You want to know the level of your fitness with the help of heart rate tracker and that is exactly what this machine does. The 24/7 built-in heart rate monitor is there to please you for sure.

Smartphone Integration

This was initially an additional feature with fitness tracker models but now with the competition, this has become a commodity. If you do not have a cell phone integration system with your fitness tracker, it feels like something is not right.

There is a cellphone integration system with this unit too. You will not have to miss another call or an important text message when you have this on your wrist, but the app is not great yet. Though we understand that it takes several versions of an app to make it perfect. We are ready to allow them a bit more time to make sure that the application is of top notch quality. For now, it is just decent enough to be used.

TomTom Touch

TomTom Touch

Sports Mode

An interesting core competency or a stand out feature for this model is the sports mode. So obviously, you get to track your everyday movement with this tracker but there is something called sports mode. If you enable that mode, the tracker will stop doing everything else and will focus on your tracking only.

It will give you immediate rates of how you are burning calories, what is the current heart rate and so on. All of those will be real time and it is amazing. People use this feature especially when they are exercising or playing a sport.


  • This is considered as a cost leader in the industry
  • Completely waterproof
  • Great charging
  • Standard durability
  • Not always accurate when it comes to tracking
  • The cellphone App is basic and needs to be developed further


  • Can it properly calculate my body composition?

Well, it does the task alright. When it comes to body composition, even the best of the brands find it difficult as the technology is not that updated yet, but you will not find issues in most cases.

  • Is the machine waterproof?

Well,  it is splash proof. While washing hands shouldn’t be a problem, TomTom doesn’t recommend to swim with it.

  • How long does the battery last?

The battery will last for around 5 days with regular usage. If you are overusing it, it might last less, and obviously, if you are not using it much, it can last up to 8 days.


All in all, this is definitely not the best fitness tracker out there. There are better ones available around with better features too. But if you think about the price, Tom Tom becomes a tough competition as it offers a decent enough product at a very good price point.

We will recommend that you think about it a bit more before coming to any conclusion. If the price is your only criterion then you might go for this one but if you want better quality with more features available, there are some other fitness tracker out there which can do the task for you better. Also, as this is a new product in the market, we might have to wait a few months more to see how consumers like it and whether the brand brings any changes to their features seeing customer feedback.

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