TomTom Spark 3 Full Review

Your search for a great running watch ends with the TomTom Spark 3, a 3rd Generation GPS based running watch created by sat nav and maps specialist, TomTom. This is the latest version of the TomTom Spark and is also commonly referred to as TomTom Spark 3. This satnav expert has almost the same formula as its predecessor with certain significant changes in the tracking and design departments.

With the Spark 3 you can track your swimming, running and cycling activities along with daily sleep and activity monitoring. This running watch also comes with an optical heart rate monitor that is built in as well as music that can be stored on-board and played via headphones that are Bluetooth connected. These amazing features make this running watch a total package that can work without additionally requiring a smartphone or a chest wrap separately.

New Features in TomTom Spark 3

One of the prominent additions to the Spark 3 is the compass that enables the use of this gadget for tracking routes, along with the capability to offer you guidance back to the starting point or even follow routes that are uploaded onto this running watch. So if you want to go out for some exploring, this top-notch gadget will ensure a worry-free exploration without you having to depend on your smartphone.

Similar to the previous generation, this TomTom running watch comes with identical features with slightly varied design in strap but its functionality remains the same. You also get GPS function in this gadget as well as 24/7 activity tracking, multiple sport tracking, and heart rate sensor to monitor your heart during training session intervals. Essentially, this is the only GPS running watch that allows you to stream music without the need to access your phone.

Extended Battery Life

TomTom has lived up to the expectations of the users in this new Spark 3 running watch with battery life extending as long as 11 hours in the tracking mode. This makes the gadget perfect for running over an hour daily for 1 week or to prepare for a long marathon.

However, the performance of the battery depends largely on the number of sensors that remain on during your training; for example, the heart rate sensor can drain a lot of battery when turned on. Surely, you can trust on this gadget to monitor your training for 1 week smoothly and efficiently.


The TomTom Spark 3 screen is monochrome display based with backlight display to help you during an evening running or jogging session. It does not feature touchscreen option so you will need to navigate using physical controller button that lies under the screen on the strap.

Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Another notable function of the TomTom Spark 3 is the optical heart rate sensor that is offered by, a South African based company. This function allows the device to monitor your heart rate during your running sessions and can accurately measure heart rates up to 190s bpm.

Swimming Efficiency

Being waterproof in nature, this device can be used for your swimming sessions. The device notes down the total strokes you take to reach an end and detects when you are turning for a lap. The SWOLF metrics incorporated in this device allows it to determine the distance you cover while swimming but the optical heart rate sensor does not function while you are swimming.

Voice Coach

This function includes a pre-recorded instructional audio that plays through your headphone as and when required. You will also come across certain “Get Ready” messages of generic nature in this running watch.


The navigation function is worth noting as it allows you to cover distances without getting lost.

How To Use

To get started with the navigation you need to upload the standard .GPX file to the company’s website. The uploading process is easy but unique. You also have the option of incorporating routes you currently use for running or cycling and star forming courses using those routes.

After uploading, your account online will save the trails you have created. Unlimited trails can be saved on your account but only 15 such trails should be synced to your watch. By default the trails created by you will be synced to your watch (if the trails are less than 15); however you have the option of selecting the ones you want to sync.

Although, the routing is simple but you don’t have the advantage of enable waypoints. With the .GPX you can load as many trials as you want. Having synced your trails (either through USB or Bluetooth) you can get started with any activity you want that will use the trail mode (cycling or running). You can also opt for an interval workout before getting started with your activity. So, now you will find 3 screens on the running watch- the first will give you an overview of the total route, the second will zoom (enlarge) the view that is available on the first screen, and the third screen acts as a compass (magnetic).

It is similar to a breadcrumb trail based navigation that allows you to get detailed information while on route. But with music and optical heart rate sensor, you can get additional information about your entire workout session and enjoy the session at the same time. This is the ideal device to monitor your activities accurately so that you can find out exactly how your workouts are helping your body and improving your fitness level.

What It Can Be Used For?

Fitness fanatics can make the most of this device to improve their activity in workouts through effective tracking. The additional features of this TomTom running watch aides instead of confusing you while monitoring your workouts. With music and GPS features this tech is exactly what you need when riding your bike or running through the forest. Whether you are swimming, cycling or even sleeping, your activity is constantly monitored through this device.


The TomTom Spark 3 is perfect for those who need to have their activities monitored all the time. The new features and extended battery life make it one of the best running watches available today for fitness enthusiasts.

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