Tile Sport Key Finder – Hands-on Review

Most people have the habit of misplacing items, and turning everything upside down to look for them. From headphones, wallets, keys, or any other tiny things you are fond of misplacing. Be grateful that there is a nifty device that can help locate any of your lost items without so much of a fuss. Tile Sport Key Finder is the device. This is a Bluetooth-connected tracking that you can easily attach to anything you easily misplace. The device is outfitted with a long range tracking capability, loud built-in alarm, and a rugged, sturdy, and waterproof built.

Design and Durability

Body design and comparison with the previous models

The Sport is undoubtedly a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Mate. In place of the usual white tile design many customers had become accustomed to, the Sport comes in a dark slate finish complete with a grippy tread-like texture. However, it maintains the same shape as its predecessor, keeps the rounded edges, but introduces a sort of thick ring round the edges to increase its sturdiness and durability.

It has a small opening or niche in the left corner that allows you to easily clip on bags and key rings. And to activate the phone’s ringtone, the device has on its center a circular button that you press to set off the phone’s ringtone.

Size and Specs

Tile Sport - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder

Well, to outfit it with its rugged design, some sacrifices had to be made. For instance, the Tile Sport comes with added bulk, however, its weight and size is still perfectly within the acceptable standards. It is still pretty light and slim, measuring 1.6 by 1.6 by 0.2 inches and weighing 0.5 ounces (i.e. 40 x 40 x 5.9 mm and 15 g). It’s only slightly wider than the Tile Style. The difference is clearly negligible. You’ll have no problem fixing it to the backpack, slipping it into the wallet, attaching it to the headphones, or keeping it in the pocket.

Outdoor capabilities and survivability

Tile Sport Key Finder

As earlier alluded, it is a little bit sturdier than its predecessors, including the plastic Tile Mate. It is more rugged. The Sport’s thicker ring, ruggedness, and sturdiness make it a little more resistant to physical impact and mishandling. It can also weather hostile temperatures and weather conditions – i.e. it can withstand extremes of high and low temperatures, or extremely high humidity.

In fact, during testing, the tracker survived several long drops against various floor types, which include wood and floor. It can survive a drop down of two stories.

When the tracker gets dirty, you don’t need to get worried as it is rated waterproof, meaning you can rinse it off without the worry of damaging and short-circuiting the device. According to the manufacturer, the Tile Sport Key Finder can be immersed in five feet of water for up to 30 minutes, and that means the device is a useful companion always, even when you are going outdoors and to the gym- you don’t need to worry about sweat or rainfall. It is noteworthy that the device’s alarm also works under water, though its sound will be a little muffled.

The Software it Uses

Tile Sport - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything FinderMobile Applications

There is a vast difference between Tile Sport Key Finder and its predecessors in terms of software. For example, pairing happens vide the tile app in iOS and Android devices.

After setting up the Tile Sport (which you go about as if you were setting up any other tile tracker), you’ll pick the kind of tile you have, notify the app what it is attached to (could be a wallet, car keys, backpack, etc), pick a ringtone, and select a custom photo. Ensure you are as honest as possible because once the tile is activated on your account, you won’t be able to deactivate it and pair it again with a different account without first contacting the company.

It is pretty easy to keep track of the Sport. Once you open the Tile app, it will show you the last known position of the item you are searching on the map. In case you are within Bluetooth range press the Find button to set off its loud alarm. According to Tile Sport’s manufacturer, the alarm Sport’s alarm is twice as loud as the one previous models had. That means the Tile Sport has about 170 decibels now that previous models featured decibels higher than 80. Therefore, if you are in the office, the alarm will be loud enough to attract the attention of work colleagues.

Sound and ringtones

Tile Sport Key Finder gives you a wide selection of eight ringtones to choose from, and you have the opportunity to choose between three levels of volume, i.e. full, half, or muted. Perhaps the company should think of more granular control over the volume levels, simply because the full setting can be insanely loud in an office setting, and half may not be audible enough above the din of background noises. However, to the manufacturer’s credit, and perhaps a way to cater for those searching for lost items in an office setting, the device comes with a proximity sensor that shows series of circles to give the searcher an idea of how nigh the tracker is. It’s worth mentioning that it isn’t pinpoint accurate, though- but certainly comes in handy if you can’t hear or don’t want to disrupt those who are nearby with ear-splitting noises.

What is more? In case your tile is missing and you are not in range, it has the ability to route through a different tile user to send you an alert notifying you of its current location. Granted, successfully recovering a stolen or lost item through this functionality is a bit of a long shot, but it is a worth try. It doesn’t harm to try, does it?


The most significant improvement on the Tile Sport is the Bluetooth Range. While its predecessors, Mate and Slim, had a range of only 100 feet, the Tile Sport’s Bluetooth range is longer as it extends to 200 feet. However, it is important to note that the Bluetooth range can significantly get impacted by environmental factors, which include interference from a host of other nearby devices.

Just in case you are very far from both the Tile and the phone, the sport comes with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility. All you’ll have to do is configure the Tile skill via the Alexa app and then ask the Alexa app to ring your keys, for instance, and the tile will definitely sound an alarm if it is in the Bluetooth range.

The only downside with this nifty device is its battery. It is non-removable. Meaning, once it dies, you will need a new tile. Thankfully, it lasts for about a year and the reTile program can give you a replacement at a great discount. The reTile program is described in greater detail on the manufacturer’s website.

Final verdict

In conclusion, there can be no doubt that the Tile Sport Key Finder is a surefire way to keep tabs on the items you easily lose. With the device you don’t need to waste lots of time looking for something you forgot, instead Tile Sport Key Finder helps you in keeping peace of mind as the keys or any other objects are easily located when they disappear.

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