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What TomTom model do I have and what software to use?

Why do you need to know TomTom device model?

With any GPS navigation device it is a common situation when it is required to understand which model you have. You might want to update maps, upgrade the firmware, or just check technical specifications to be sure about capabilities better such as file types supported or memory included.
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TomTom Spark 3 Full Review

Your search for a great running watch ends with the TomTom Spark 3, a 3rd Generation GPS based running watch created by sat nav and maps specialist, TomTom. This is the latest version of the TomTom Spark and is also commonly referred to as TomTom Spark 3. This satnav expert has almost the same formula as its predecessor with certain significant changes in the tracking and design departments.

With the Spark 3 you can track your swimming, running and cycling activities along with daily sleep and activity monitoring. This running watch also comes with an optical heart rate monitor that is built in as well as music that can be stored on-board and played via headphones that are Bluetooth connected. These amazing features make this running watch a total package that can work without additionally requiring a smartphone or a chest wrap separately.

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TomTom Touch review

Fitness tracker with built-in heart rate monitor and body composition measurement – TomTom Touch review
The name might not sound super familiar to some of you guys, but Tom Tom Touch is an interesting fitness tracker to talk about. This fitness tracker is one of the very latest in the industry and it has been able to please people who are interested in high tech fitness tracker units.

There is a thing with the technology industry. No matter what you see today, you will always expect something better tomorrow. Following that trend, the companies like Tom Tom are starting to flourish. This body composition measuring unit has a lot of features which will excite you and if you are a tech lover, you might go for one as well. More on that later though as we are going to review this interesting fitness tracker in this article. Let’s start. Continue reading

TomTom Thailand app updated

TomTom on iTunes


If you already purchased the app:
TomTom Thailand
updated to version 1.23

If you haven’t purchased it yet, it was recommended by TomTom to buy TomTom GO Mobile, as the TomTom Thailand will not be updated in the future. 

File size (on iPhone): 547 MB

What’s new:

General performance improvements and bug fixes.


To manually update the app on your iPhone: App Store >> Updates (bottom right) >> UPDATE

To set automatic updates: Settings >> iTunes & App Store >> Updates


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TomTom VIA 1535TM Review

TomTom VIA 1535TM

The VIA 1535TM is TomTom’s latest attempt at a mid-range portable navigation device, and doesn’t disappoint to say the least. Apart from its highly affordable price tag, the TomTom VIA 1535TM is quite similar to its predecessor lifetime free traffic and map updates (without displaying ads), voice command and Bluetooth.

The TomTom VIA 1535TM is a power packed device and if you’re looking for a main GPS unit that won’t be outdated for the next several years, it is definitely worth a second look. It updates its predecessor with Bluetooth and an intuitive WebKit based interface.

Highlights of the TomTom VIA 1535TM

  • Accurate routing
  • Improved graphics and onscreen fonts
  • No ads
  • Highly customizable
  • Clear voice prompts
  • Lifetime map and traffic updates

What’s in the Box?

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TomTom Thailand app updated to TomTom GO Mobile

TomTom Thailand on iTunes

TomTom Thailand updated to version 1.22.2

TomTom Thailand app upgraded to … GO Mobile.

TomTom announced that this is the end of this application and now available only for backup purposes. The switch to GO Mobile is free for users who already purchased the app. As TomTom assures, the new app is the most advance navigation app ever! Let’s give a try (downloading right now).

  • Updated on 14th March, 2016.
  • Version: 1.22.2
  • Size of the update on iPhone: 470 MB  (562 MB on iTunes :-/)
  • Price: USD 74.99 (at the time of writing this post; for current price, please click the link below – redirect to iTunes)

Download from iTunes here (OLD APP – DO NOT BUY!!!), DOWNLOAD TomTom GO MOBILE

TomTom GO Mobile (NEW!)


To Update manually on your iPhone: “App Store” > “Updates” (bottom right) > Find “TomTom Thailand” > UPDATE.

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Hmmm, I got the latest update. I thought I got automatically updated to GO Mobile. But actually you get the option to update after starting the app. Here is the trick: I can get the GO Mobile now, free, 3 years 😉 (see picture below).The key is “Free, 3 years” ;), which they don’t mention at the beginning of the update process. The decision is yours: free and no more updates for the old app version; or free for 3 years with fresh updates, and then paid I believe?

TomTom GO Mobile

1. Screen after the update

Switch to TomTom GO Mobile

2. Clicked “FREE”, new screen with “GET” 😉

Switch to TomTom GO Mobile

3. You need to create an account at TomTom

Switch to TomTom GO Mobile

4. Finally, you will need to install new app “GO Mobile”. Just the update of previous app is not enough


TomTom Spark Review


TomTom SparkFirst unveiled at the IFA I in Berlin in September 2015, the TomTom Spark is a feature rich fitness watch that is designed for cyclists, swimmers, runners and gym goers alike. You’re probably thinking that there are several watches that do the same exact same thing, but what makes the Spark stand distinct from its competition is heart rate monitoring, GPS and even onsite wrist based music playback – a feature that many fitness watches lack.

In addition to its lightweight design and fairly large monochrome display, the TomTom spark also offers onboard local to store up to 500 (3 GB of local storage) of your favorite tunes and playback via Bluetooth. This feature alone gives the Spark an edge over its competition and makes it a solid choice if you’re looking to incorporate music into your workouts. This latest fitness watch by TomTom is a significant departure from its predecessors, and can be ordered in several different color variants.

In the box you receive:

  • TomTom Cardio fitness watch
  • Charging cable
  • User guide

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