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TomTom Thailand app updated

TomTom on iTunes


If you already purchased the app:
TomTom Thailand
updated to version 1.23

If you haven’t purchased it yet, it was recommended by TomTom to buy TomTom GO Mobile, as the TomTom Thailand will not be updated in the future. 

File size (on iPhone): 547 MB

What’s new:

General performance improvements and bug fixes.


To manually update the app on your iPhone: App Store >> Updates (bottom right) >> UPDATE

To set automatic updates: Settings >> iTunes & App Store >> Updates


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TomTom GO Mobile on iTunes

TomTom Thailand app updated to TomTom GO Mobile

TomTom Thailand on iTunes

TomTom Thailand updated to version 1.22.2

TomTom Thailand app upgraded to … GO Mobile.

TomTom announced that this is the end of this application and now available only for backup purposes. The switch to GO Mobile is free for users who already purchased the app. As TomTom assures, the new app is the most advance navigation app ever! Let’s give a try (downloading right now).

  • Updated on 14th March, 2016.
  • Version: 1.22.2
  • Size of the update on iPhone: 470 MB  (562 MB on iTunes :-/)
  • Price: USD 74.99 (at the time of writing this post; for current price, please click the link below – redirect to iTunes)

Download from iTunes here (OLD APP – DO NOT BUY!!!), DOWNLOAD TomTom GO MOBILE

TomTom GO Mobile (NEW!)


To Update manually on your iPhone: “App Store” > “Updates” (bottom right) > Find “TomTom Thailand” > UPDATE.

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Hmmm, I got the latest update. I thought I got automatically updated to GO Mobile. But actually you get the option to update after starting the app. Here is the trick: I can get the GO Mobile now, free, 3 years 😉 (see picture below).The key is “Free, 3 years” ;), which they don’t mention at the beginning of the update process. The decision is yours: free and no more updates for the old app version; or free for 3 years with fresh updates, and then paid I believe?

TomTom GO Mobile

1. Screen after the update

Switch to TomTom GO Mobile

2. Clicked “FREE”, new screen with “GET” 😉

Switch to TomTom GO Mobile

3. You need to create an account at TomTom

Switch to TomTom GO Mobile

4. Finally, you will need to install new app “GO Mobile”. Just the update of previous app is not enough