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Garmin GPS Driving Recorder GDR45 review

Garmin Driving Recorder GDR45

Garmin Driving Recorder GDR45

Until a few months, dash cameras were just fancy gadgets designed to record footage when you drive, but Garmin takes it one step further with the GDR45 GPS Driving recorder. The compact device mounts onto any car’s windshield, and not only allows you to capture what your windshield sees in HD quality, but also serves as a data recorder with GPS technology that records precise coordinates, speed, direction and other information that is overlaid on the video.
4GB microSD can be used for the Garmin GDR45 driving recorder, this will allow for storing up to 40 minutes of footage. It continues to record and overwrites the old footage, but you can always add a 32GB memory card to capture and store more without overwriting. You can also save more footage on the included 4GB memory card by switching from 1080p recording to 720p video.


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