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Garmin GDR E350 Review

Review on Garmin GDR E350 – Camcorder with GPS

Garmin GDR E350The GDR E350 is no ordinary dash cam, but one that renders Forward Collision Warnings to alert drivers when their pulling up close to another vehicle, risking a crash. The device starts recording as soon as the vehicle is turned on, and saves the hi-definition footage on the included MicroSD card.

Since the footage is recorded in a continuous loop, the MicroSD card never actually gets full, but records footage but saves footage before and after the incident to be used as evidence thanks to its onsite impact detecting sensor. The Garmin GDR E350 is appointed with a 3 inch LCD display complete with GPS capabilities to documents the exact time, date, longitude, latitude and sped of the vehicle after an impact.

What’s on the Box?

  • Vehicle adhesive mount
  • GDR E350
  • Vehicle power cable
  • USB cable
  • Quick start manual

Highlights of the Garmin GDR E350

  • Integrated easy to read 3 inch LCD display
  • GPS enabled; footage records direction, location, speed, time and date to show exactly when accidents occur
  • Automatically saves footage of incidents and collisions
  • Top notch field of view with superior video quality even in low light conditions
  • Forward collision warnings and other helpful driver alerts

Design and Key Features of the Garmin GDR E350 Dash Cam

First thing you will notice when holding the E350 dash cam is how incredibly lightweight it is or 112.7 grams, making it much lighter than an iPhone 6. The camera complete with GPS capabilities gives the Garmin GDR E3550 dash cam an edge over its completion because not only does it display the latitude and longitude coordinates in order to indicate exactly where the incident occurred, but also the speed and direction of travel of your vehicle.

The 3.0 inch screen of the E350 Garmin dash cam although not a touchscreen is extremely nice and easy to view, and grants easy access to the feature buttons located alongside its body. One of the notable and thoughtful features of the Garmin GDR E350 dash cam is the screen will dim automatically sort of a standby mode in order to prevent any distractions to the driver. The screen can be woken up easily by simply tapping on any one of the four buttons located on the sides of the exterior housing.

As mentioned earlier, the E350 dash cam begins recording as soon as the car starts and the device is plugged into a reliable power source. Battery life of the EDR 350 is clocked at 30 minutes, but will always continuously record when plugged in and overwrite the oldest video first until it is turned off. With the built in Incident Detection (G-Sensor), the EDR 350 dash cam device will automatically save the current, last and next recordings in the event an incident is detected.

With regards to the video quality of the Garmin GDR E350 dash cam, it is simply outstanding, where you have the option to either record in 1080P or 720P HD video at 30 frames per second. Additionally, the 350 Garmin dash cam is designed to work in both bright and low light conditions, and can even be un-mounted from your vehicle to be used as a standalone camera.

This proves handy when you don’t have a cell phone handy to take pictures, and would like to capture stills of damage done to the sided or rear of the vehicle, or anything the dash cam might not have captured. The Garmin GDR E350 can be easily mounted to the windshield of your vehicle using the included robust adhesive rather than a suction cup mount.

Using the Garmin GDR E350

The GDR E350 dash can arrives with a MicroSD card, but you can extend the memory up to 64 GB with a compatible memory card that has a speed rating of class 10 or higher. Simply switch of the device, and insert the memory card into the dedicated slot on the device. With regards to affixing the dash cam to the windshield, it is important to note that since the E350 uses an adhesive, it is extremely had to move once mounted. Hence, it is important to choose the mounting location wisely the first time around.

Before installing the adhesive mount to your windshield, ensure the temperature is between 21 degrees to 38 degrees. For proper mounting, plug the device into the power source and turn it on to check the camera’s field of the view at that location. Next, adjust the position o f the camera to capture the desired field of view. Although the E350 dash cam turns on automatically when the vehicle is turned on, you can also switch it on manually by pressing the power button, and similarly to turn it off.

The E350 is appointed with four buttons, first to power on and off the device and also select and scroll through menus and pages, second also to scroll through menus and pages, third to save a photo and last button down to save a video clip and also return to previous page.

By default the Garmin GDR E350 records possible impacts and saves the footage automatically, but you can also perform this task manually by selecting the dedicated recording button. It is best to transfer the footage to your computer considering the limited capacity of the memory card. This can be easily done by using the included USB cable and connected it to your PC, where the dash cam will show up as a removable device.

The Forward Collision Warning system is perhaps the most important feature of the Garmin GDR E350, but does not in any way replace your responsibility as a driver on the road. FCW works by alerting you in the event you fail to maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

The speed of your vehicle is determined by GPS where it calculates the estimated safe following distance based on it, and activates FCW when the speed of your vehicle exceeds 48 km/hr or 30 m/hr. An audible alert is sounded along with a warning on the screen when the E350 Garmin dash cam detects that you are too close to the vehicle in front of you. You can configure the brightness and volume settings by using the respective buttons on the device.

Pros of the Garmin GDR E350

  • Clear 3 inch display
  • Superb video quality
  • MicroSD card included
  • Collision Warnings
  • Can be used as a standalone camera

Cons of the GDR E350

  • Expensive price tag, but well justified looking to provide accepted proof in the event of insurance claims

Final Thoughts

The Garmin GDR E350 is truly a driving companion without the fusses. It watched the road ahead as soon as your car starts and even alerts when you’re nearing too close to the vehicle in front of you. It makes a great safety investment for anyone looking to safeguard themselves from expensive insurance claims even when you’re not at fault. With GPS technology, the GarminE350 dash cam is able to provide key details about your drive including latitude, longitude and even speed.

Garmin Thailand announced new model – Driving Recorder GDR E350

GDR E350 Camcorder announced by Garmin Thailand

Garmin GDR E350Price: 6,990 THB

Garmin GDR E350 review here.

This model is available in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan. It seems to be the same model as Garmin Dash Cam 35  – USD 199.99 (at first glance I can’t find any differences).

In other countries i On Garmin International website,   you will find this model here (redirect to garmin.com)


Reliable, HD Driving Recorder with GPS and Helpful Driver Warnings

  • High-definition GPS standalone driving recorder with easy-to-see 3.0-Garmin GDR E350inch LCD display
  • Helpful driver awareness alerts include forward collision warning and red light and speed camera warning
  • GPS-enabled; footage records location, direction, speed, date and time to show exactly where and when accidents and incidents occur
  • Garmin GDR E350Incident Detection (G-Sensor) automatically saves footage of collisions and incidents
  • Excellent field of view with high video quality, even in low-light conditions



Physical Specifications:
Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.43 cm x 4.85 cm x 3.89 cm
Weight: 112.7 g
GPS: yes
Screen: 3.0″ TFT LCD
Frame rate: 30 FPS
Incident detection (G-Sensor): yes
Battery life: up to 30 minutes

Review on GDR E350 coming soon.