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Garmin vivoactive software update

Garmin updated software for vivoactive to version 3.50

Size: 2 MB

It is recommended to use Garmin Express to make the update. It’s really easy, you will be guided through all the process, which takes less than 2 minutes. Please, make sure the battery is charged before proceeding with the update.

What’s new in the update? *

  • Updated Connect IQ to support version 1.2.6
  • Improved Bluetooth synchronization
  • Fixed a weather synchronization bug
  • Improved screen refresh on some pages

*Taken from Garmin vivoactive support website

Side note, that the Garmin viovactive is in the “Best Sellers” league on Amazon (Today’s pick) 🙂

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Garmin vivofit 3 Full Review

Garmin Vivofit 3 on Amazon

Garmin Vivofit 3 on Amazon

The Garmin Vivofit 3 is not the traditional route Garmin usually takes when designing its fitness tracking devices. Although the design of this model makes the news focus, Garmin never forgets about improving the functionality. This third generation budget fitness tracker is not only outfitted with all the usual activity and sleep tracking features, a Move Activity Bar, but it also boasts an astounding 1 year long battery life and automatically tracks a series of activities thanks to Move IQ technology.

When released, the Vivofit 3 activity tracker, will be available with a wide range of swappable bands. Compared to its predecessor, the Vivofit 3 is a quite similar device, but is completely revamped in terms of visual appeal and debuts with several new features including:

  • An analog watch face
  • Square smaller screen
  • Different UI designs
  • Intensity minutes
  • Auto activity detection for several sports including walking, swimming, running and cycling

Highlights of the Garmin Vivofit 3

  • Best in segment 1 year battery life
  • Move bar and audible alert remind you to stay active
  • Automatically syncs to Garmin Connect
  • Displays intensity minutes, calories, steps, distance
  • Monitors sleep
  • Time is displayed on backlit display
  • Some would say it looks attractive with the new bands design by the Gabrielle & Alexandra, and Jonathan Adler + Garmin collection (I leave to your personal judgment)

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Today’s pick – Garmin vivoactive

#1 Best Seller on Amazon

Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive

I have own Garmin vivoactive for quite some time now. Even if it is not the latest model, I still enjoy it. I’m tempted by a new model with wrist-based heart rate monitor, but I may put over for some time until there are further improvements. I also still like the look of it. Although my girlfriend doesn’t share my opinion.

I use the vivoactive mostly for walking, occasional runs and short workouts. I like the “7-minute workout” (check on google or youtube – absolutely love to start the day with short series of exercises). The 7-minute workout app doesn’t come preloaded on vivoactive, but it is very easy to download from Garmin’s CONNECT IQ.

You will need to connect your device to a computer. Use the Garmin Express (from there: “Mange Apps” >>”Get More Apps” – you’ll be redirected to CONNECT IQ website, where you can choose an app you like).


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If you have any questions in regards to Garmin vivoactive, send me an e-mail or leave your comment below.


Garmin VIVOACTIVE HR review

Review on Garmin VIVOACTIVE HR – Number 1 in “New Release” on Amazon!!!

Vivoactive HR

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Please note that Garmin VIVOACTIVE HR is already available for pre-order on Amazon

If you’re one of those individuals who likes dabbing into several different sports, and is keen on making the best out of each workout, Garmin just introduced what you may have wished for with the Vivoactive HR. The Vivoactive HR is the Garmin’s another, improved attempt at a smartwatch line purely designed for the sportier types.

Upon first glance, there are two things you’ll notice about the Garmin Vivoactive HR – first as the name suggests it has Garmin’s proprietary Elevate heart rate sensor and second it is sleek as ever resulting in a cleaner feeling unit. When compared to the original Vivoactive (vivoactive review here), the all new Vivoactive HR looks significantly different with all new rectangular slimmer watch face compared to square one.

Highlights of the Garmin Vivoactive HR  

  • Sunlight readable touchscreen display
  • Onsite sports app includes GPS enabled biking, running, swimming and more
  • Onboard heart rate sensor
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Highly customizable widgets and watch face designs
  • Excellent battery life up to 8 days in activity/watch tracking mode and 13 hours with GPS enabled
  • Smart notifications
Garmin Vivoactive HR

Garmin Vivoactive HR

What’s in the Box?

  • Vivoactive HR
  • User guide
  • Charging/data clip

Garmin Vivoactive HR Design

The Vivoactive HR has received considerable improvements compared to its predecessor in terms of design. For starters, the screen quality is excellent and a great improvement compared to its previous iteration. Additionally, responsiveness has improved significantly as well, area that fell short in the original Vivoactive. Garmin has taken a bold approach of trying to make the Vivoactive HR sportier rather than premium, which results in a comfortable feel. Continue reading

Fitness Tracker Fitbit Alta review

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta

The Alta is probably Fitbit’s best effort at a fitness tracker for several reasons starting with its aesthetically pleasing design and swappable band design. With every new model, the one thing that Fitbit aims to change is the size and comfort level of their trackers and the Alta makes this quite evident. From a first glance, the Alta comes across other Fitbit fitness trackers, but this time users can swap the band, making it befitting to wear at the track or office.

This somewhat fashion oriented fitness tracker is designed to track many vital statistics such as calories burned, steps taken, distance and “Active Minutes” among others. Adding to this, the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker can also record how long you’ve slept, monitor your sleeping habits, the number of times you’ve been restless in the evening and even the number of times you’ve woken up during the night.

Just like some of Fitbit’s other fitness trackers, the Alta is capable of tracking sleep and exercise automatically, meaning that you won’t have to remember to set the watch to a certain mode to get credit for your workout. In order for the Fitbit Alta to log in activity, you have to exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes, but this can be reconfigured down to 10 minutes with the app.

The Fitbit Alta however is not perfect and lacks a heart rate monitor, and does not track the number of stairs you’ve climbed so if these are important metrics for you, this device is not a good fit. On a brighter note, the Alta does offer great battery life of roughly a week, but this can also vary depending on several factors such as the features activated and how long for.

Highlights of the Fitbit Alta

  • All day activity and sleep tracking
  • Move reminders
  • Text, call and calendar alerts
  • Swappable bands
  • Auto sleep tracking
  • Tap display
  • Clock faces

What’s in the Box?

  • Alta device
  • User guide
  • Charging cable

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MIO Fuse Review

Review on activity tracker Mio Fuse

MIO Fuse

MIO Fuse

Mio – the company is one of the pioneers of heart rate tracking devices and its sensors are already embedded into some of the best fitness watches in the market such as the Adidas miCoach Smart Run and TomTom Runner Cardio. The Mio Fuse simply taps into the company’s expertise with optical heart rate tracking and is designed for BPM (Beats per Minute) based training.

The Mio Fuse has a lot going for it and its unique features make it unarguably one of the best and most wrist based HRM devices in the market. And the fact that it tracks your calories burned, distance steps make it a great device for even those getting there feet wet with activity and HRM tracking. But of course and just like most wrist based trackers in the market, the Mio Fuse isn’t perfect, and lacks a few handy features such as an onboard altimeter to track the number of steps you climb and a sleep monitor.

One of the features that make the Fuse stand out from its competition is an onboard indicator light, which changes color to show you instantly the heart rate zone, making it one less thing function to tinker with while you’re working out. In addition, the Mio Fuse gives out a vibration alert that causes the band to buzz when your heart rate switches zones, meaning you can still get to know the zone your heart rate without even looking at the device.

Highlights of the Mio Fuse

  • Customizable display and heart rate zones
  • Accurate wrist based heart rate monitoring
  • Tracks steps, sleep, distance, calories, pace and goal progress
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Intuitive app

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Garmin Forerunner 630 review

Garmin Forerunner 630

Garmin Forerunner 630

Garmin’s latest flagship – the Forerunner is not geared for the average fitness enthusiasts, unless of course you can’t take any chances with your fitness results. Add to this, if you’re looking for a fitness tracking wearable that literally comes with all the bells and whistles, the Garmin Forerunner 630 is inarguably a solid choice. A successor to the Forerunner 620, the Forerunner 630 brings to the table a whole new round of features, most notably a few design tweaks to enhance its aesthetic appeal and phone notifications.

Unlike other fitness wearables that offer sleep tracking and running metrics only, the Garmin Forerunner pushes the envelope with the addition of GPS. The only pitfall of the Forerunner 630 is it doesn’t come with an onsite heart rate monitor, but Garmin’s addresses this issue quite well by providing a bundle package as well that includes a class leading HRM-Run monitor. With a lack of an onsite heart rate monitor, Garmin hasn’t skimped out in any way, but instead has justified that the Forerunner 630 renders near absolute accuracy in heart rate tracking.

Garmin Forerunner 630

Garmin Forerunner 630

Although a chest strap and wrist based optical heart rate sensor use the same technologies and algorithms, the difference in accuracy results from the fact that the latter reads your blood flow further from the source so its accuracy can be compromised by the light leaking and affecting the sensor. Contrariwise, chest heart rate straps just like the name suggests are located and track closer to the heart hence they tend to render a more accurate reading.

Highlights of the Gamin Forerunner 630

  • High resolution color touchscreen display
  • Advanced running dynamics
  • Automatically updates data to Garmin Connect
  • Wrist based smart notifications
  • Features stress score, lactate threshold and performance condition

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MIO Alpha 2 Review

Review on fitness tracker MIO Alpha 2

MIO Alpha 2

MIO Alpha 2

Heart rate monitoring is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world, most fitness enthusiasts desire it to determine optimal fitness results when running and cycling and simply just to keep the heart in check.

The Mio Alpha 2 is the successor to the much successful Mia Alpha released a couple years ago, and this latest iteration brings to the table a few new features starting with an onboard indicator light that flashes different colors to keep you updated of your current hear rate zone on the fly.

New Features of the Mio Alpha 2

  • Workout storage mode
  • All new backlight
  • Adds timers including repeat, countdown and chrono
  • Speed, pace, distance metrics with an onsite accelerometer

In addition, the Mio Alpha 2 syncs your fitness data to apps such as Endomondo and MapMyRun. It does not however have onsite GPS, but on a brighter note is what a fitness device should be and is extremely comfortable.

Highlights of the Mio Alpha 2

  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Heart rate zone indicators
  • Comfortable design
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Customizable display
  • Superior battery life

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Garmin introduced new, improved activity trackers! (1)


Vivoactive HR

Vivoactive HR

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was only matter of time to have the vivoactive with wrist-based heart rate monitor system. Cool! As an owner of vivoactive and also vivofit (1 generation), I’m pretty excited about vivoactive HR, as the vivofit found its place somewhere in a drawer, and I was missing the extra feature included in the new activity trackers – wrist-based heart rate, on my vivoactive (that’s my choice for day-to-day activity tracker ).

What’s new:

At first sight, it does look good. Comparing to vivoactive, the vivoactive HR has more rounded edges, which gives it very neat, more complex look.

Beside the sport app included in the first version of vivoactive (review here) such as running, biking, swimming, golfing, walking, we are also getting paddle boarding, rowing, skiing and snowboarding. :-O I guess I will have to make a trip from tropical Thailand somewhere to snowy mountains to check on skiing and snowboarding 😉

Vivoactive HR

Vivoactive HR

Vivoactive HR, except of the basic activity tracking options as steps counting, it also provides data on floors climbed (this information is taken from Garmin’s official announcement. I guess they had in mind “steps counting” instead of “floors climbed”). And…what’s most important for this model, it will give us 24/7 heart rate data analyzes of calories burnt and our workout activities. I believe it will significantly affect batty life….. Well, I don’t have to “believe”, the specs on Garmin website prove that the battery life on vivoactive has been reduced from 3 weeks to 8 days on vivoactive HR. No surprise on that. But still, as usual, the major “battery drainer” is a GPS receiver, which reduces battery life from 8 days of smartwatch mode with 24/7 HR, to only 13 hours. While talking about the GPS, vivoactive HR operates with two systems: GPS and GLONASS, which allow for faster satellite lock and better position accuracy.

Vivoactive HR

Vivoactive HR

Except the smart notifications (e-mail, text …) also included in the previous model, vivoactive HR display us data on a screen with higher resolution, and consists of electronic compass and barometric sensor. I’m pretty much amazed that Garmin managed to put all this high tech into a nicely sized smartwatch. Obviously the extras must have influence on size and weight of the new vivoactive HR, but Garmin doesn’t make it clear to us with the “X-large, without band” (weight) information:

Physical dimensionsWatch only: 1.19″ x 2.24″ x 0.45″ (30.2 mm x 57.0 mm x 11.4 mm). Regular fits wrist circumferences 5.39″ to 7.68″ (137 mm to 195 mm); X-large fits wrist circumferences 6.38″ to 8.86″ (162 mm to 225 mm)1.72″ x 1.52″ x 0.32″ (43.8 mm x 38.5 mm x 8.0 mm)
Display size, WxH0.80″ x 1.13″ (20.7 mm x 28.6 mm)1.13″ x 0.80″ (28.6 mm x 20.7 mm)
Display resolution, WxH148 x 205 pixels205 x 148 pixels
WeightRegular bands: 47.6 g; X-large bands: 48.2 gWithout bands: 18.0 g (0.63 oz); With bands: 38.0 g (1.34 oz)

Garmin VIVOACTIVE on Amazon available for pre-order:

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Garmin Part Number: 010-01605-03. Price: USD 249.99. 

Activity tracker Fitbit Blaze review

Fitbit Blaze Review

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit recently unveiled the curtains of its all new fitness activity tracker – Blaze – a device that is positioned as an upgrade to the much successful Charge HR. The Blaze has a lot going for it starting with tits superior 5 day battery life. Upon first glance, the Fitbit Blaze looks relatively similar to the Apple Watch, only that it doesn’t come with all the third party complications often a non with smartwatches.

The Blaze is everything you’d expect from a fitness tracker and a smartwatch and is able to track more than a dozen activities, render heart rate with its integrated heart rate monitor, but lacks GPS tracking. In addition, the Blaze fitness watch tracks sleep automatically and records heart rate readings every 5 seconds. Apart from regular fitness activities such as running, the Fitbit Blaze automatically tracks activities such as soccer, basketball and tennis so you don’t have to manually start a workout.

What’s in the Box?

  • Fitbit Blaze activity tracker
  • Charging and data cable
  • User guides

Highlights of the Fitbit Blaze

  • Color touchscreen
  • On-screen workouts
  • All day activity and sleep tracking
  • Music control
  • Long battery life
  • Call, text and calendar alerts

Fitbit Blaze Design

Fitbit Blaze Reiview

Fitbit Blaze

The Blaze is appointed with a color a smooth, soft and comfortable classic (black, blue and purple colors available) band that makes the device a joy to wear even for longer periods. In boasts a rather unique aesthetic appeal – pleasing of course with a stylish modern octagonal shape watch face with stainless steel casing and an elastomer band.

The Blaze can also be had with a premium silver metal link bracelet or a leather band (black, brown or grey colors available) as part of the Luxe collection. It is much slimmer that’s its own older cousin the Surge and the Apple Watch, and is a pop-out fitness tracker, meaning you can swap bands in and out of different bands and frames on the fly.

The all new color touchscreen LCD display is crisp and clear and is easy viewable even in bright light conditions. It displays your stats front and center, and you can tap the screen to cycle through the various metrics including your calories, steps and heart rate. The heart rate monitoring screen changes color in line with changes in your heart rate, a very nice touch, and there’s even a dedicated screen with a Do Not Disturb toggle and music controls.

The Blaze will display a range of notifications when paired with your smartphone such as call, texts and calendar alerts, but lacks email notifications. It is also appointed with a class leading and highly accurate PurePulse heart rate sensor that renders superior results. One of the noteworthy features of the Fitbit Blaze is its ability to track exercises automatically, which is great for those times when you go for a walk or run and forget to activate the tracking software.

However, Fitbit does advise that manually selecting your type of activity such as running, cycling, weights and elliptical workouts will result in more accurate results. And for those times that you can’t make it to the gym, the FitStar (company acquired by Fitbit last year) app will provide you with seven minute workouts that you can perform whenever and wherever you want. Additionally, these guides’ workouts are represented by some charming animations, but don’t expect Disney quality cartoons displaying yoga positions.

These comprehensive details can be viewed by simply opening the Fitbit app on your paired smartphone. The app even allows you to set alarms and get a silent alert at a time you choose so this could definitely up as an everyday wear watch apart from being a fitness tracker. The Fitbit Blaze does lack GPS, meaning that the metrics captured such as active minutes and floors climbed, heart rate sleep and steps are the same it’s the Charge HR.

The Blaze does offer Connected GPS, which means that it will pull GPS data from your smartphone if you run or cycle with your phone in tow. Operating the Fitbit Blaze is pretty straightforward, where you simply swipe up from the watch face to reveal notifications and left and right to reveal the various menus available. Battery life of the Fitbit clocks in at an impressive 5 days when fully charged, meaning you can sleep well knowing that you will receive a comprehensive and accurate sleep activity first thing when you wake up via the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Blaze Key Features

Fitbit Blaze Review

Fitbit Blaze

Advanced tracking is one of the key features of any successful fitness tracking watch, and the Fitbit Blaze doesn’t disappoint in this area by recording all the usual statistics, all enriched by accurate heart rate data. This fitness tracking device will track your steps and calories by day and monitor your sleep at night. What’s interesting is the fact that you don’t even have to tell the Blaze you’re planning to snooze as it activates sleep tracking based on your movements and heart rate data.

Although there’s no GPS onboard, the Fitbit Blaze does estimate distance, and you’ll even be presented with a report of your activity session whether a run or a gym session or brisk walk to the bus that includes your heart rate and time spent during zones, time taken and calories burned. The heart rate sensor of the Blaze is works round the clock, meaning it even measures your resting heart rate, which documents a reading as soon as you wake up.

Sleep tracking reporting isn’t as complex as seen on other fitness trackers, but in the Blaze is simplistic and static. The graph displays a blue block, which represents your sleep duration, and you can access your total time along with the day’s stats in the app. Speaking of the app, it is neat, clean and simple to use and syncs rather quickly with compatible devices.

When you open the Fitbit app, you will be presented with all your data from the data including distance travelled, heart rate, stairs climbed, calories burned and the number of active minutes. You can also access historical data for any of the above mentioned metrics as well as weekly totals, making it much easier to boost performance. There’s even a challenges tab that when accessed allows you to beat certain step goals, and even invite friends to participate.

Pros of the Fitbit Blaze

  • Long battery life
  • Ability to track a range of activities
  • Onsite heart rate monitor
  • Color LCD touchscreen
  • Access to FitStar

Cons of the Fitbit Blaze

  • Lacks GPS, but can use GPS from your smartphone

Final Thoughts

The Fitbit Blaze has a whole lot to get excited about starting with the fact that you can track of myriad fitness activities with a single nicely designed and attractive fitness watch. It can be ordered in a wide range of colors and bands, and even track activities automatically so you can rest assured of tracking even when you forget to manually activate the feature.

All in all, the Fitbit Blaze is a great fitness tracker for anyone looking to track several activities and even stay connected with smartphone notifications right from their wrist.