Smartwatch usage – Best tips for Android Wear

There is a new piece of tech called a smartwatch that is all over the market and gadget sites today. Just like every piece of tech in the world, this new innovation has a learning curve as it is becoming more and more practical with every new production. There are several tips I will outline here for you to help you maximize efficiency of your Smartwatch usage weather you want to get easy access to notifications, listen to music offline or take notes. Most people get smartwatches in order to get access to several features on their smartphones without necessarily having to physically get a hold of their phone. There are two types of smartwatches: the older version Android Wear 1.0 and the newer Android Wear 2.0.

Tips for Android Wear 1.0 smartwatch usage

Monitor battery and storage space

Monitor the battery life and storage space left on your Smartwatch by simply heading to the android wear app on your phone. Tap on the cog icon and see the remaining battery life, you can also check which apps are draining battery life faster or taking up more space on the watch. There are also features which allow you to enable or disable the tilt-to-wake and always-on settings which awaken the display once you turn the device towards you. You can also check battery life on the watch by simply dragging down from the top to the main watch face. This also displays the Wi-Fi status, date, and notifications.

Wear faces

You can change the pre-installed wear faces on your Smartwatch by simply installing them from the play store. Tap and hold the current wear face to configure another one apart from downloading, you can also design some wear faces on your own to suit your preference.

Listen to music Offline

This is an offline feature which works with the Google’s Play Music App on your Smartwatch. Here you store audio tracks on your watch and play them when your phone is out of range. To do this you have to make sure you sync the tracks you need in advance. This is very good for morning jogs or when you are at the gym.

Find your phone featureSmartwatch usage - Find your phone

Have you not seen your phone for a couple of hours? It is easier to find it via the Smartwatch usage. There is an option of finding my phone in there where you just touch it and a command is sent to your phone and it starts going off even when it is in no disturb mode or is muted. This is very easy and convenient.

Silence phone while wearing watch feature

If you have both your phone and your watch, you can silence the phone and only get sound alerts on your watch. You just need to go to your phone android wear app and tap on the icon. Just tap on the silence phone while wearing app feature and it is all done. You do not want both your phone and the Smartwatch ringing when there is a notification, it creates some disturbance for you and those around you. Links to the official Android Wear application:

  • For Android can be downloaded from Google Play here.
  • For iOS can be downloaded from Apple iTunes here.

Lock screen when the watch is off

If you are worried about someone using your Smartwatch when you have taken it off, it is easier to open the device settings menu and choose screen lock. This will always automatically lock the device once you take it off your wrist. You will then be required to draw out a pattern on the display that you will be using in future to unlock it after you have taken it off and you need to use it.

Tips for Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch usage

Smartwatch usage - Wear facesChange your face up

This Smartwatch gives you the freedom to change your face up for whatever mood, occasion or time. You just have to set certain customized faces and then switch between them by simply swiping on the screen either left or right to change them.

Get on the Wi-Fi

Make sure that your Smartwatch is connected to Wi-Fi this will give you an opportunity to use the browser and access the play store. It also allows you to use features like Google assistance whether your phone is around or not You can connect to Wi-Fi through going to these steps: Settings – Connectivity – Wi-Fi.

Customize your buttons

This is a feature that lets you set your buttons to specific shortcuts of features that you might prefer. It customizes the hardware buttons to let them do what you wish them to do once you press any of them. This gives you the convenience you need as it saves time and energy to go looking for a feature in those small icons on the display. You can do this by going to settings — personalization — customize the hardware.

Configure a customized keyboard

Typing on a Smartwatch is one hectic hustle. This is however made a bit easier when one configures a Google keyboard which makes typing a bit easier though functions such as auto correct, auto capitalization and next word suggestions. If typing is too much work for you, you can switch from regular keyboard to handwriting keyboard which allows you scribble words out by using your finger to draw out letters that turn into words. If your watch doesn’t have the keyboard, it is easily found in the play store.

Set up Android Pay

Android Wear - Android Pay

You can simply set up android pay where you simply tap on your wrist to pay for items, this saves you a lot of time and it is much more convenient compared to traditional payment methods. You can set this up on your watch by downloading the app on your phone and setting it up there first. Then you can go to the android pay app on your Smartwatch and choose to add a new card, it will boost back to your phone where you will boost up the card, agree to some terms and you are set to go.

Quick settings

This is the quickest way to simply adjust things on your smartwatch such as airplane mode, adjusting brightness as well as theatre mode you simply have to swap from top to bottom and you will see a bunch of quick settings.

Smartwatch usage can be very easy and convenient. Whichever type of Smartwatch you prefer it all comes down to these tips and tricks. Once you get used to it, you will wonder why you lived without it for so long.


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