Samsung Gear Fit2 review

Samsung Gear Fit2Well, let’s start with a good news first. We have seen lots of things made by a certain company explode recently. The Samsung Gear Fit2 Smartwatch review will tell you that this is not one of those items. This is never going to explode which is satisfactory to know.

Apart from the jokes, this is a fun wristband to go for. This is considered as a premium model and it has every other feature that you will want in a wristband. This feature enriched model comes at a premium price and it is not obviously one of the lowest ones out there but if you want a great combination of features and brand, this is the one to go for without much doubt.

As always, we will focus on the features first which will be followed by the pros, the cons, FAQ and finally some finishing words.

Features of Samsung Gear Fit2 Smartwatch

So, there are two different sizes that you can go for (small: 125 – 170 mm, large: 155 -210 mm). Unlike other brands, you have to be very careful about the size that you are choosing because you cannot change the wrist band part (other than the display unit) later on. This is a one-time purchase. So you should be careful from the beginning.There are interesting color options too to be happy about. You can pick three different colors which are black, pink and blue.

Great tracking

Let’s start with the obvious one which is tracking. As we all know by now, we need to have an amazing tracking mechanism to make sure that the core purpose of wearing a wristband is getting solved. Fortunately, Samsung does the job pretty well. Being as good of a brand as it is, Samsung makes sure that you get everything within the wristband and everything is picture perfect.

Samsung Gear Fit2From calories burnt to heart rate monitoring, you get to see everything in this one. Everything is tracked live and it can track when you are on streets walking and when you are on Himalayas climbing to reach the top. The sleep tracker is also good enough as it will tell you whether you have slept enough or not, whether the sleep was good and whether you are sleep deprived or not.



The next thing to talk about is the notification. Notification panel is a very important part of a wrist band. If a wristband cannot offer you a proper notification, there is no point going for it as it will not be effective for you in anyway. A good wrist band always has a proper mix of features with notification panel and the wide display will tell you that Samsung is awaiting with a treat.

You can respond to notifications with this wristband. No other band will offer you call and text back options which this one has. You do not need to press on your phone to call or text somebody as the digital touch panel takes care of it all.

Samsung Gear Fit2The app integration is cool enough and we can say with confidence that you will not have notification related issues with this one. As Samsung was already familiar with the touch technology, they made sure that the display of their wristband is proper in every possible way.

Music Feature

This is a feature that makes this Samsung wristband different than the ones out there. You can actually play music from your own wristband whenever you want with the help of Spotify. So, what this wristband does is that it works with Spotify and you can create a list of your favorite tracks from there. After that, you can always play and pause the songs directly from your wristband and you do not have to go back to your cellphone again.

  • Great display
  • Brilliant music integration technology
  • Call and Text Response Unit
  • Brilliant design
  • A bit costly to go for
  • Can’t change the color later on once you have purchased the unit


  • Can I see my heart rate and changes in it when I am exercising?

Definitely, you can. The tracking is all real time and you will see the live updates immediately on your app or on the display of the device, however, you want to see it.

  • Can I control my music player using the display of the wristband?

Yes, you can. The display is very dynamic and lets you do a lot of stuff. You can easily change or alter the volume of your music with a few touch on your wristband. It is a fun advantage to have.

Final Words

This is a wristband for everyone. Whether you want to try it out or you want a wristband to actually track all your activity, this one can do the task for you. Though the price is a bit in the middle range, the features support the price in most cases. Overall, this should be a happy product for you to go for.

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