Fitbit Zip review

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker Review. Fitness trackers just like the people who use them, can be seen in several “shapes and sizes”, and the Fitbit Zip fits slots in nicely into the petite category of “not worn on the wrist” activity trackers. The Fitbit Zip is the company’s effort to make the activity tracker highly affordable (under $ 50) and designed for people who don’t like wearing straps on their wrists. This compact fitness monitor displays your calories burned, estimates distance and counts your steps via its integrated accelerometer.

The Fitbit Zip is an ideal fitness tracker for those who’d like some motivation to get fit and want to be more aware how active they are (or aren’t 😉 ). With regards to size, the Fitbit Zip activity tracker is nicely small (1.1″ x 1.4″ x 0.38″) with smooth round edges, making it easy to slide in and out of your pocket. It can be synced with your smartphone or computer to view your stats, log activities and meals, even compete with friends via the Fitbit app or website.

Highlights of the Fitbit Zip

  • Tap display
  • All day activity tracking (steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes)
  • Wireless syncing
  • Long battery life (about 5 months)
  • Water resistance (not swim proof)

What’s in the Box?

  • Fitbit Zip clip on holder
  • Bluetooth Smart USB stick
  • Battery cover opener
  • Battery
  • 3V coin battery

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Microsoft Band 2 review

Microsoft Band 2 Review

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2

In all honestly, the original Microsoft Band wasn’t perfect, and the Band 2 isn’t either, but does take care of most of the flaws starting with its battery life. This Microsoft Band sequel is appointed with a curved color AMOLED screen coated in Gorilla Glass 3 and boasts and updated design. This new iteration of the Band tracker by Microsoft is also a lot more attractive and comfortable than its predecessor, and is packed with a new sensor – a barometer for measuring altitude.

In short, the Band 2 is everything the original Band should’ve been – powerful, connected and a joy to use. The band is backed by great software and is outfitted with a wide range of sensors including skin temperature sensors, heart rate sensors and onsite GPS. If you’re a fitness buff, the Band 2 also measures maximum rate of oxygen consumption (VO2 max), and even has a sensor to track elevation. Additionally, it even offers smartphone notifications such as email, texts and calendar alerts right on the wrist, making it an all round fitness solution. Continue reading

Polar A360 review

Fitness Tracker Polar A360 Review

Fitness tracker Polar A360

Fitness tracker Polar A360

The A360 is Polar’s first fitness device to implement wrist based heart rate monitoring, and can be used for dedicated heart rate based training and is capable of delivering on the go BPM (beats per minute). It is also the company’s first fitness tracker to be appointed with a touchscreen display, but does lack GPS. Polar fitness wearables are designed for avid cyclists, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts and the Polar A360 is no different.

The Polar A360 is highly customizable, and even delivers smartphone notifications right on your wrist such as call and text alerts. A little chunkier than its predecessor – the Loop 2, the Polar A360 is fitted with the wrist-based heart rate monitor, which is pretty accurate to say the least. With three silicone band sizes to choose from – small, medium and large, which are swappable for a bands in a variety of vibrant colors, the Polar A360 slots in nicely in the list of fitness wearable that looks just as good in the gym as it does in the office.

Highlights of the Polar A360

  • Superior battery life
  • Heart rate based training
  • Smart calories
  • Sport profiles
  • 24/7 activity tracking
  • Vibrating smartphone notifications
  • Automatically tracks sleep
  • Tracks steps and distance
  • Waterproof (WR 30 – up to 30 m/98.4 ft)

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Garmin EDGE 1000 review

Garmin EDGE 1000 Review

Garmin EDGE 1000

Bike computer – Garmin EDGE 1000

The Edge 1000 is Garmin’s “top line” of bike computers. With easy to follow navigation prompts,  detailed maps (required additional purchase  for some areas), GPS + GLONASS for more precise location service, and a comprehensive menu of ride metrics, the  Edge 1000 is a worth considering device for a cycling enthusiast.

The Edge 1000 goes way beyond just providing comprehensive cycling related metrics such as mapping and GPS, but also offers heart rate monitoring, a speed/cadence sensor, temperature readings, virtual partner, settings of advanced workouts and more. An upgrade to the Edge 810, the Garmin Edge 1000 is not positioned as a replacement, but rather a device with a handful of upgrades including a capacitive touchscreen, easier to read larger screen, and base mapping and routing.

Highlights of the Edge 1000

  • Preloaded with detailed map (in some areas) and provides ability to add more maps
  • Ability to set and select from up to 3 round-trip options after inputing distance
  • Connected mobile features include live tracking, weather, social media sharing, sending/receiving courses and incoming call and text alerts
  • Instantly upload your data to Garmin Connect app
  • In-ride competitions through Garmin Connect software

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Garmin vivoactive software update

Garmin updated software for vivoactive to version 3.50

Size: 2 MB

It is recommended to use Garmin Express to make the update. It’s really easy, you will be guided through all the process, which takes less than 2 minutes. Please, make sure the battery is charged before proceeding with the update.

What’s new in the update? *

  • Updated Connect IQ to support version 1.2.6
  • Improved Bluetooth synchronization
  • Fixed a weather synchronization bug
  • Improved screen refresh on some pages

*Taken from Garmin vivoactive support website

Side note, that the Garmin viovactive is in the “Best Sellers” league on Amazon (Today’s pick) 🙂

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Garmin vivofit 3 Full Review

Garmin Vivofit 3 on Amazon

Garmin Vivofit 3 on Amazon

The Garmin Vivofit 3 is not the traditional route Garmin usually takes when designing its fitness tracking devices. Although the design of this model makes the news focus, Garmin never forgets about improving the functionality. This third generation budget fitness tracker is not only outfitted with all the usual activity and sleep tracking features, a Move Activity Bar, but it also boasts an astounding 1 year long battery life and automatically tracks a series of activities thanks to Move IQ technology.

When released, the Vivofit 3 activity tracker, will be available with a wide range of swappable bands. Compared to its predecessor, the Vivofit 3 is a quite similar device, but is completely revamped in terms of visual appeal and debuts with several new features including:

  • An analog watch face
  • Square smaller screen
  • Different UI designs
  • Intensity minutes
  • Auto activity detection for several sports including walking, swimming, running and cycling

Highlights of the Garmin Vivofit 3

  • Best in segment 1 year battery life
  • Move bar and audible alert remind you to stay active
  • Automatically syncs to Garmin Connect
  • Displays intensity minutes, calories, steps, distance
  • Monitors sleep
  • Time is displayed on backlit display
  • Some would say it looks attractive with the new bands design by the Gabrielle & Alexandra, and Jonathan Adler + Garmin collection (I leave to your personal judgment)

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Today’s pick – Garmin vivoactive

#1 Best Seller on Amazon

Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive

I have own Garmin vivoactive for quite some time now. Even if it is not the latest model, I still enjoy it. I’m tempted by a new model with wrist-based heart rate monitor, but I may put over for some time until there are further improvements. I also still like the look of it. Although my girlfriend doesn’t share my opinion.

I use the vivoactive mostly for walking, occasional runs and short workouts. I like the “7-minute workout” (check on google or youtube – absolutely love to start the day with short series of exercises). The 7-minute workout app doesn’t come preloaded on vivoactive, but it is very easy to download from Garmin’s CONNECT IQ.

You will need to connect your device to a computer. Use the Garmin Express (from there: “Mange Apps” >>”Get More Apps” – you’ll be redirected to CONNECT IQ website, where you can choose an app you like).


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If you have any questions in regards to Garmin vivoactive, send me an e-mail or leave your comment below.

Callaway GPSy – GPS Golf Watch review

Callaway GPSy – GPS Golf Watch review

Callaway GPSy on Amazon

Callaway GPSy on Amazon

The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch is designed to render accurate and fast distances to hazards, greens and doglegs right on your wrist. Available in white and black color variants, the Callaway GPSy Golf wearable is not only fashionable to wear on and off the course, but is well crafted, waterproof and can withstand even inclement weather.

The CallawayGPSy golf watch also serves as an odometer, and offers auto-hole advance and auto-course recognition. It has onsite GPS and also serves as a scorekeeper so you can focus on gameplay. When fully charged, the Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch lasts for up to 9 hours with the GPS turned on, which is not bad, but considerably less than the latest Garmin Approach S20 (review here). The Callaway GPS golf watch comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses worldwide.

Highlights of the Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch

  • Accurate distances to the center, front and back of the green
  • Scorekeeper tracks puts per round, GIR and scores
  • Analog and digital time display
  • Date and time are automatically set via satellite
  • Battery life: regarding the manufacturer information, the Callaway GPSy can provide data for up to 12 hours with GPS turned on, in reality it is less than 10 hours
  • Pre-loaded with over 30,000 golf courses from around the world
  • Auto-hole advance, auto-course recognition
  • Accurate distances to the front and back of hazards and doglegs

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Garmin Connect Mobile app updated

Garmin released update for Connect Mobile app – version 3.5

Garmin Connect Mobile App

Garmin Connect Mobile

Size (iPhone) – 73.9 MB

Price: Free (compatible with Garmin into Sport/fitness devices: activity trackers, GPS watches for golf, bike computers, running and swimming watches…..Yes, Garmin has it all 😉 ).

To manually update the app on your iPhone: App Store >> Updates (bottom right) >> UPDATE (next to the app)

To set the automatic updates: Settings >> iTunes & App Store >> Updates

What’s new: 

  • Thanks to Garmin’s Move IQ, activities such as walking, running, biking or swimming will be automatically recognized.
  • Support for new devices added: vivofit 3, and vivoactive HR (review on vivoactive HR here; both new models are available for pre-order from Amazon).
  • Also integration with Apple Health has been improved.
  • Additionally some bug fixes and improvements.


  1. iTunes (Apple Store)
  2. Google Play (android)
  3. Windows Store 

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