Garmin iPhone app


The application supports menu in English, Thai, Chinese and Malay. It consists of preloaded NAVTEQ map covering Thailand (only; some other available from iTunes). It supports dual languages on map: English and Thai, and also:

  • lane assist with photoReal junction view
  • Where Am I? locator
  • speed limits
  • 3D building and landmarks
  • location sharing via Facebook or SMS
  • trip planner
  • weather conditions and 5-day forecast
  • FREE LIFETIME MAP UPDATES (up to 2 map data updates per year)

Compatible with iPhone 3GS,4 and 4S. Also: iPod touch (3rd and 4th Generation) and iPad. Size: 488 MB. Price: USD 19.99 (promo until 8 July, 2012)
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The app makes good impression at first. But truly I don’t think it will replace my nuvi while navigating in Bangkok where decision must be made quickly. iPhone tends to delay display of current position. Easy to notice after a turn (still showing previous driving direction).

Still it’s nice to have it just in case ;). iPhone car charger highly recommended – the GPS drain the battery really quickly.

eTrex 10


In an increasingly advanced and tech savvy world, eTrex 10 Garmin Handheld Device steps in as a savior. The neatly designed handheld worldwide GPS unit offers much to consumers from varied spectrum of life. Since the revolution of global positioning systems, companies have worked assiduously at developing the most accurate and user friendly tools for varied tasks. The eTrex 10 allows for individuals to engage in tasks including geocaching, advanced navigation, for simple and advanced duties, all on a device that has impeccable user interface making it very easy to use. Roughly the size of an adult human hand, with a screen of 2.2 inches tall, the eTrex 10 presents with a monochrome display. The device can be customized and allows for great exploration and extended uses due to its excellent battery life and water proofing to IPX7 standards.  Being another in the line of improved handheld devices by Garmin, eTrex 10 GPS unit uses a mini-USB cable and has GPS + GLONASS support faster and more precise position readings.
On the contrary, apart from the monochromatic resolution display, eTrex 10 falls short of perfection due to its inability to display maps on screen and its provision of only limited memory. Nonetheless, customer and expert reviews indicate that the device is an excellent one and is highly recommended for geocacher and also basic navigation. All these characteristics and great potential are boxed in and presented at a seemingly very affordable and accessible price.
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eTrex 10 and eTrex 20 testing – our gallery

A few days back we received testing units of eTrex 10 and eTrex 20.

My all-time favorite used to be the GPS Map 60CSx which got its place on the shelf a few months back. Now is being replaced by newer units with better performance. The latest eTrex 20 is definitely getting on the top of my list.

What I like about the eTrex 20 (pros):

  • affordable (comparing to other older units with lower specs),
  • quick satellite lock (still checking and comparing the track recording performance),
  • compact size,
  • color display,
  • 1.7 GB of internal memory + memory slot,
  • battery life (25 hours),
  • USB interface,
  • paperless geocaching function

I miss some extras (available in eTrex 30), such as: electronic compass and wireless POI/tracks sharing, but I can live without them and I’d rather keep the $$$ in the pocket.

eTrex galllery:

European Satellite System Galileo in progress

The EC (European Commission) issued contract to the German-UK consortium for additional 8 more satellites.  With this contract it is expected that Galileo can provide its services by 2014. Two more years to wait.

In the meantime Garmin made receiver which can use operational GLONASS 😉 (Russian Satellite Navigation System) – eTrex 10/20/30.

Solar storm – sat nav usage disturbance

Scientists reported that our Sun is bombarding us with “high-energy” particles. It is said that the solar storm can have direct influence on satellites and astronauts. Due to the sun activities, it’s most likely we will experience direct disturbance  in Navigation Devices.

The solar storm is so strong that it is also possible to cause communication problems for aircraft near the poles.

Two in One: GPS and GLONASS receivers – Garmin new eTrex family

08.12.2011 The GLONASS constellation has reached the number of 24 operating spacecrafts, providing 100% coverage of the Earth’s surface.

GLONASS constellation status, 15.12.2011г.

Total satellites in constellation31 SC
Operational23 SC
In commissioning phase3 SC
In maintenance3 SC
Spares1 SC
In flight tests phase1 SC

Source: Information Analytical Centre

What does it mean for a GPS user?

Thanks to the GPS receiver able to work with both systems (GPS and GLONASS), we can get the satellite lock 20% faster than with the standard GPS. Apart of that, the navigation in difficult environments (high buildings, canyons…) with limited sky view, will be much easier thanks to the support of extra 24 satellites from GLONASS.

The new eTrex family (eTrex 10, eTrex 20, eTrex 30) can track both GPS and GLONASS. Would you like to hear what’s the difference of getting the satellite lock for the first time on the old and new eTrex series?

New software update for eTrex 10

New firmware update for eTrex 10 is available with the WebUpdater. To go to Garmin history log, click the following link: Garmin Support.
Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.50:

  • Improved support for Bulgarian
  • Added project waypoint to waypoint page option menu
  • Fixed issue displaying location in large data fields for certain position formats
  • How to make the update:
    1. Download the WebUpdater from Garmin Website
    2. Connect your eTrex 10 to PC
    3. Start the software (WebUpdater); it should be in the folder under “C:Program FilesGarminWebUpdater”
    4. Follow the prompts.
    IMPORTANT!!! Make sure the batteries are fully charged. If the unit goes down during the update process, it will be unusable.


    Just two days and over 1,770 geocaches were hidden worldwide. There must be something about it. Can you imagine how many people were involved? How much time they spent finding the right place, looking for the content the “treasure chest” …. And more than all, having fun outdoor with family, friends or just solo.

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