Mi Band 2 review

Mi Band 2 – not expensive, but still, is it worth?

Mi Band 2 If we close our eyes and think about an activity tracker options that we want to go for, the chances are high that we will think about Mi Band. Why does that happen? You see, there are actually around twenty different types of affordable fitness band models out there in the market. All of them might not be as good as Mi Band 2, but let’s say that there are 6-8 models which are close to this one.

Now, why do we only remember Mi Band and some other brands and don’t remember all of them? It is because of the brilliant brand value that Mi offers. You see, Mi Band 2 is a brilliant activity tracker and there is no confusion there. But that alone did not make this fitness band as one of the most successful ones. What made this band successful is a combination of great features and brilliant brand identity.

We just want you to know about these facts before you read the complete review and especially the features. You see, the features will obviously be good enough and being a good brand like Mi, the fitness band offers a ton within a very reasonable amount of price. Anyway, let’s not kill time and have a look at the actual features that this fitness band has to offer.

Features of Mi Band 2

Here’s the spoiler before we start talking about the actual features of this fitness band. The features are terrific and there is no way that you can ignore this product based on the feature description. There are only a handful of good products out there when it comes to activity tracker and this is one of the finest. Our expectation wasn’t too high, but the result is pretty awesome. Let’s have a look what this Mi Band 2 has offered.


Mi Band 2Connectivity is something that we all expect from a brand like Mi as they also are a famous cellphone producer. The good news is that the Mi Band 2 lives up to the expectations. The connectivity is pretty great and it supports anything and everything that is latest and is available.

From Bluetooth 4.0 to Android 4.4 to all versions and obviously IOS 7.0 and above updates, this band supports everything.

Great Sensors

Obviously, the sensors are brilliant enough to be happy about. From the regular wrist-based heart rate monitor to the step counter, everything is précised and made with care. The heart rate monitor, for example, does not only keep a track of your work but also reminds you about your states when you are really pushing for it.

Interestingly, if you are sitting somewhere for a long time, this band has the option to tell you that you should start moving. That is another cool feature to have. At least, now you have someone who will constantly tell you to move around.

Skin Friendly

Not a lot of companies think about your skin when they build a device. As you will always be wearing this fitness band on your wrist, it is wise for Mi to think about the skin. Also, as the wrist-based heart rate connection is there, the activity tracker is actually in deep touch with that part of your skin. If it was not good enough, your skin might face trouble.

Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2

Fortunately, we do not have anything to worry about as Mi said countless times that this is the best fitness band if we consider skin safety and protection. You see, almost everybody will offer you things like wrist-based heart rate monitor but only this fitness band thinks about your skin. That is something to think about.

Unique Identity

This is a special feature that Mi introduced with the Mi Band 2. Whenever you are buying a Mi Band 2 from now on, you will receive a special identity and this is a pre-set identity one for each device. This identity doesn’t offer anything great as of now but it is a cool invention. Again, it shows that the company is trying to build something unique and they are ready to experiment. For now, the identity will help you to unlock your phone without taking it in hand. If you have your activity tracker on your wrist, you can easily unlock your phone using that.


  • Great charging capability
  • Supports all latest iOS and Android devices
  • Brilliant LED Display


  • Some people complained that the pedometer along with the wrist-based heart rate function does not work properly all the time.
  • A few people had problems with step counts. When their car moved slowly, the activity tracker counted a few steps at a few times.

Mi Band 2FAQ

  • Does it show caller id and other details?

Well no it does not. Think about the size of the screen. What it does is that it simply tells you, that you have a call or an SMS. To figure out who called or texted you, you need to pull out the cellphone.

  • Do I have to manually set it to the sleeping mode?

No, you don’t. The sleep tracker works automatically as it can detect your movement. You just have to make sure that you are wearing it on those right moments and everything else will fit on perfectly.

  • Can it work with any Bluetooth version?

The answer is no! Your Bluetooth model has to be either 4.0 or of a higher standard to make it work. That should not be a problem though as most Bluetooth units are now at least 4.0 or above.


Mi Band 2 is definitely one of the finest activity trackers that are currently available. You see, when you are thinking about a fitness band, you want something which is affordable, easy to use and can monitor everything without hassling you in that process. Mi Band 2 does all of those at ease. That is why Mi Band 2 can be considered as one of the finest fitness band models to go for right now! Answering the questions if it is worth buying, the answer is yes. Considering what you are getting for less than USD 42, it’s a very good deal.

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