Mi Band 1s review

Budget fitness tracker with wrist-based heart rate monitor – Mi Band 1S

Mi Band 1s

Mi Band 1s

This is a Mi band 1s review so if you are looking for one, this might be a good place to finish your research. We all know how awesome the brand Mi is in the technology world at recent times. If you can recall, Mi was never there anywhere in the industry even five years ago from today. Then they came in and oh boy, they did things right. The company started with mobile phones and their flagship killers took everyone by storm.

This review is  about Mi Band 1S which is a smart wristband from the company Xiaomi. Let’s move to the features of Mi Band 1S now and then we will talk about the pros, cons.

Features of Xiaomi 1S Band

Mi Band 1sSo, if you are looking for a band that will offer you enough features to be happy about then this is surely the one for you. The band has more than enough features that you will want and it comes at a brilliant price range.

You will not get this quality feature at that price range anywhere around. Mi as a brand is known for its flagship quality products at a very cheap cost. Mi Band 1S is not a high-end band meaning, it does not have those ultra quality features, but it provides enough feature for a person wanting to keep track of daily steps goal and sleeping patterns.

Before getting into the features, let us summarize it for you. The machine does not offer many color variations, it does not offer a display and it has some another lacking too. Now, will you consider these as lacking? Depends on your perception of how you plan to go on and buy things. Where some think this is not a product worth buying as there are not all the features available in this one, some other people think that the features that it offers are great considering the price.

Mi Band 1sAt the end of the day, it is your decision that whether you want to go for the wristband or not. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the review.

Movement Detection

The first thing we want in a wristband is quality movement detection. The wristband has to be able to detect all of our movements and it should be able to do it fast while being accurate. The good news is that this product does it pretty well. Along with sleep quality monitoring, you will not have much complain about the detection quality of this product.

Real Time Monitoring

Obviously, we want the monitoring process to be real time and we want it to be good. The real-time monitoring in this one serves the quality to some extent. Where it is not a brilliant one, you will more or less get the accurate data. You can set daily exercise target and go for it where the machine will keep track of everything.

Sleep Synch

Mi Band 1sAnother interesting feature according to us is the sleep sync. The sleep synch basically analyzes your sleep quality and then the app (where you will sync all information) will inform you about your sleep quality. If you see that the app is telling you your sleep hasn’t been fine, you can cover it up on the next go.

This is a brilliant way to improve your lifestyle. You see, regular tracking will be there and more or less, everyone is offering the same quality tracking facilities these days. What separates a product from another one is features like this one.

Great Battery

The last feature that we will mention is a great battery life. Obviously, less feature is there to help the battery to be active for more than the regular times but then again, not every product is the same. This product will ensure you that the battery remains active for at least 20 days if you moderately use it every single day. That is a cool advantage to have. This is the reason why people take this wristband when they go hiking or go for outdoor activities. Knowing that this product will be active for around 20 days is a great relief.

Mi Band 1s

Mi Band 1s


  • Very well priced (A cost leader)
  • Easy to use
  • Very long battery
  • Comes with 9 language supports


  • No display


  • Does it come with a heart rate monitor?

There are two different versions of this Mi band. One of the versions offer proper heart rate monitor and another one is just a sensor. Make sure that you are checking which one you are going for before you make the purchase.

  • Does the app work fine on a mobile phone?

Yes, it does. Especially, the iCloud app is better than the android version. The company wants to make the android version better too but it will take time probably. Overall, the app quality and features are satisfactory.

  • Is there any display on the band?

Unfortunately, no! To keep the cost down, Mi had to do this sacrifice and there is no visible display on this band. If you are looking for a display to see your stats, this is not the model for you.

Final Words

Even if it is a small investment, thinking for a while before actually going for the purchase would be the best idea. It takes time get habituated with a product. This is a wristband which means that it will be with you for a long time. You want to make sure that you pick a good one so that you do not have to worry later on. It is a good brand. Now, you need to figure out whether the features are satisfactory or not. If yes, go for the product.

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