Letscom ID130HR Fitness Tracker – An Honest Review

Fitness trackers have become quite popular and the market is filled with various brands and designs. While finding one is an effortless process, not all offers you land will be desirable. It is important to carefully evaluate and review each fitness tracker before spending your money however affordable it may be. Letscom ID130HR is one of the highly reputed fitness trackers in the market. It comes with various features and specs that make tracking your daytime and night activities a seamless painless task. Here is a review of the tracker including key features, capabilities, software, pros and cons.

Key features

As aforementioned, Letscom ID130HR comes with various trademark features from the brand as well as other enhancements integrated to improve both efficiency and user experience. Some of the key features include the following:

  • Multi-sport tracking (with connected GPS)

    Letscom Fitness Tracker ID130HR

You can use this fitness tracker to monitor and record your activities with various sports. There are 14 different exercise modes that help you understand the collected data. Besides accessing the report data, you can use the GPS to show stats like pace and distance or even record your workout route map.

  • Heart rate monitor

An automatic heart-rate monitor continuously tracks your heart activity day and night. It also includes a sleep monitor that automatically takes metrics like duration of sleep and quality aspects that you can use to adjust your lifestyle.

  • Phone notifications

With Letscom ID130HR, you can receive calls, SMS notifications and SNS (WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). You simply get a notification on the LED display.

  • USB Plug

The fitness tracker has an in-built USB plug that is compatible with any block computer USB port. You can charge your tracker with your PC or tablet. When full, the battery can last up to 7 days before you need to recharge.

  • Camera control

You can use the fitness tracker’s OLED screen to control your phone camera and take pictures without touching the phone.

  • Movement reminders

There are various notifications that remind you to move and keep fit. This is ideal if you want to adjust out of a sedentary lifestyle. You can also set alarms to remind you of meetings and other important dates. Letscom ID130HR offers several other minor features and specs all integrated in the soft interchangeable TPU bands.

Outdoor capabilities

When looking for a fitness tracker, it is important to find a device that brings convenience into your outdoor lifestyle. Letscom ID130HR is essentially a life manager that allows you to record outdoor fitness activities like running, jogging and riding. You can tap on the screen to view a variety of exercises or view the reports saved in APP format. Its ergonomic design and interchangeable bands make it ideal for outdoor wear as it can be customized to blend into any outfit. It is also lightweight and has long-life batteries that can keep recording your stats up to 7 days before you need to recharge. The tracker also records all-day activities like steps, active minutes, distance travelled and calories burnt as well as GPS data like pace and route map. The design is waterproof although it is not recommendable to use it in a shower or bathtub. Nonetheless, it will survive a downpour and splashes.

Software / application used for Letscom ID130HR

Letscom Fitness Tracker ID130HR software

Letscom ID130HR is compatible with devices that use iOS 7.1 and above, Android 4.4 and above and Bluetooth 4.0. It syncs with various phone apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook and Twitter. It also allows you to view notifications from LinkedIn and Instagram among other SNS notifications. The tracker also allows you to view SMS notifications and calls from your phone. Other applications include a calendar, alarm clock and heart rate monitor/timer. Official Letscom application VeryFitPro for this device can be found in Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Pros and Cons of Letscom ID130HR

The benefits of Letscom ID130HR are quite obvious and straightforward considering all the features integrated into the design. Some of the pros include the following:

  • Monitors all-day activities including steps, distance, calories burnt, routes taken and active minutes
  • Monitors and records sleep patterns that can be used to make lifestyle changes
  • Uses a unique bright OLED touchscreen display that is easy to read and use
  • Syncs with phone to allow notification reading and camera control without touching the phone
  • Uses a soft ergonomic wristband that is sleek and comfortable on your skin; the bands are interchangeable
  • Ideal for outdoor and regular lifestyle as it provides a healthy assistant wherever you go; has reminders as to when you should stand up and take a walk
  • Has durable battery that can last up to one week following 1-2 hours of USB charging
  • Compatible with both android and apple devices
  • Can record stats from 14 different sports activities
  • Affordable
  • Customized design – comes in 6 different colors
  • Has many 5-star reviews from users

Although Letscom ID130HR seems to only have benefits, it does come with a few areas of concern that users have raised. Some of the cons of this fitness tracker include the following:

  • Glitches in the steps count; apparently the device reverts to the reading of the previous day and sometimes misses some steps although this automatically resolves.
  • The OLED screen is quite small and can be straining to read especially for the elderly
  • While the app is great, it is not recognized by other fitness apps
  • No instruction manual is provided so understanding how it works may take several minutes. For instance, setting accurate date and time can be overwhelming. However, quite responsive support team is available on the manufacturer’s website.


There are several fitness trackers in the market all promoted as the ultimate devices. Although each tracker has its unique benefits and disadvantages, there are various hallmarking traits that can be used to distinguish reliable products from the rest. Letscom ID130HR is generally an ideal fitness tracker that has many capabilities. Compared to other fitness trackers within the price range, it performs fairly well. Most reviews from users are positive and depict satisfaction. The few concerns raised do not pose any great disappointment as most devices seem to work perfectly well apart from a few rare cases. It is advisable to purchase from credible reputable distributors known to provide genuine quality products. This way, you will enjoy all the features and benefits named herein. If you are looking for something simple that can track your daily activities and sleeping patterns while giving you the convenience to access phone notifications, then ID130HR is your best option under $30.

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