Kivors Sports Fitness Tracker — Full Review

As human beings, we always carry out activities each day. They can be activities for income generation or sometimes activities that are meant for physical fitness. It is good that we put it in our minds that everything we do in one way or the other affects our health either positively or negatively.

It is prudent that we strive to make our health better while executing the said activities. We need to also have a clear program management so that we do everything at the right time. We should not in any way crash and inconvenience our programmes. It is good news to everyone that we can now monitor our programmes and our health digitally, thanks to technology. Kivors Fitness Tracker is what is unknown to many.

Kivors Fitness Tracker is a multitasking gadget, look at the following amazing facts about it.

Features and advantages of Kivors Fitness Tracker

It has 0.49 inch OLED screen with tap display. With this clear screen, you can take selfies, control the music that you are listening to by just long pressing on the screen, get to the menu and make the necessary settings. Cool of course!

Do you need a quick reminder of what you are supposed to do at a given time without interfering with your program in any way? Well, Kivors Fitness Tracker is here to easy everything. Create reminder notes on your iPhone or your Android phone and connect your phone to Kivos fitness tracker by use of a Bluetooth and specify the time for the activity. Immediately the time reaches, the fitness tracker notifies you.

Kivors Fitness Tracker

You do not need to miss that important business call because you were busy or involved in some activity, all you need is to synchronize Kivors Fitness Tracker with your phone and all notifications will appear and you address them accordingly.

Easy to charge

The only thing you need to do is get your fitness tracker and connect it to the power source using your USB and immediately it starts charging. The source of power can be your laptop, the wall socket etc. No hassles here trust me.


As indicated earlier, the wrist Kivos fitness tracker is compatible with iPhones and Android phones, just download the app called “VeryFit” by scanning the QR code on the manual that is usually packed together with the tracker when the phone is bought. This application allows you to connect the tracker with the phone and the notifications will be there in a real-time manner. You can also download the VeryFit application directly from mobile stores: Android Play Store, or iOS App Store.

Kivors Fitness Tracker mobile application

And if you think that the above are the only features that the wristband tracker has then trusted me it is not true. This is the main interesting part of the tracker we need to cover in this article, it is what made all other publications to be dropped so that we feature the tracker, it is amazing.

It is a smart sports wristband

Ideally, we need to track our daily activities for health purposes. That is perhaps the main and major designation for this Kivors Fitness Tracker. When you have stood for long and the tracker senses that state is likely to affect your health, trust me that the tracker notifies you to move – it is intelligent.

Kivors Fitness Tracker monitors your heartbeat rate when the heartbeat is not normal you will always get a notification in real time. The heartbeat rate may change depending on the activity that you are doing. When one is involved in a vigorous exercise the heartbeat tends to be higher and the converse is true. The tracker captures all these and it notifies you.

Kivors Fitness Tracker

The tracker indicates the distance you have moved or traveled. Through this, the fitness tracker also indicated the number of calories used for that matter. This helps you figure out how best you do it! You need not miss this tracker. With the tracker, technically you are carrying your life in your own hands.

So many of us do not know the amount of sleep that we are supposed to have. Do you need to know today? Get your Kivors Fitness Tracker, set it at the time you sleep and immediately you reach the recommended time of sleep the notification comes in. That is the power of this tracker that we are talking about! Imagine the tracker indicating even the quality of the sleep that someone has taken and that he/she should take.

  • Note: To read your heart rate, just click the heart rate menu and the inductor’s green light at the back of the band go on. Close the back and indicate the accurate value or number after 10 seconds.

The watch supports GPS via smartphone connected

Here I mean you can track it or even track your phone once you synchronize it with the phone. That thief who is used to snatching phones is not safe here, you can track your stolen phone and locate it. That small gadget in your wrist can do .

The battery life is long enough

Such that you can not miss any important alert that you need. You just need to charge the battery fully and you are good to go.

Disadvantages of Kivors Fitness Tracker

  1. Kivors Fitness Tracker is not waterproof if it falls into water be sure it will be damaged. Be careful always.
  2. After an activity it just indicates values, it never recommends on the state and meaning of the values.

Final thoughts

We have discussed the gadget in detail, it is evident that it is irresistible. This is what we need so that we can live a healthy life. As we have seen, we can monitor our activities and our programmes without any complex procedure.

Using Kivors Fitness Tracker life indeed can be transformed and even prolonged.  This gadget is great from many aspects including the number of features, long battery life, nice design, and what is also important value for money aspect. The device is definitely worth buying.

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