Garmin vivofit JR. Broken Lava Full Review

The issue of child obesity is a rapidly growing problem today. Statistics reveal that it has doubled in children and even worse quadrupled in adolescents in the past three decades. Popular health organizations such as the World Health Organization recognize the importance of exercise in making the bodies and minds of young people healthy. It’s the reason that there are fitness trackers of all rage to help in tracking children’s activity. The main aim of having a fitness tracker is motivation.

Garmin introduced a new fitness tracker known as Garmin vivofit JR which is geared towards kids of ages between 4-9 years.

Garmin vivofit JR — What is it?

Garmin vivofit JR is a wristband tracker (for children) that automatically records your kid’s progression towards a particular recommended goal of one hour of physical activity each day; Garmin refers to it as a “daily play goal”. For parents to monitor the wearable, it comes with a companion app where parents can set challenges, give children tasks and reward children on adventure trails and mobile adventures where they will unlock fun facts on attaining the goal.

It has a move bar and task timer included into the watch face together with time and date. Parents can have a summary of activity, goals, and sleep and can manage various children using the same account. It has a high resolution with a clear display and various motivational features to make it even more interesting.

Why do you need Garmin vivofit JR?

1. To track physical activity

Physical activity is crucial to your child’s general body development. It’s the reason that the US Disease Control and Prevention encourage children to have at least 60 minutes of exercise. The Garmin’s wearable takes the tracking technology helps your child adapt the target to their requirements.

2. Count steps

Additionally, the Garmin vivofit JR can help you count the number of steps your child takes throughout the day. To ensure accuracy in data collection, it should be worn on the non-dominant wrist. The device lists steps taken and counts the steps until you’ve attained the set number of steps. On meeting your goal, you’ll receive a congratulatory message and it continues counting how far you’ve surpassed it. For motivation and challenge, the Garmin vivofit JR sets you a goal that’s a little higher if you’ve reached the set target. If you’ve not managed to attain the goal, the wearable will drop the goal down to make it possible for you. For a little motivation, the steps counted can be compared to other family members’ who are in the same challenge. This is a great way to get the whole family leading a healthy lifestyle.

3. To monitor Sleep

You can also use it to program your children sleeping schedule. When the children retire to bed, they should wear it for recording. The app can record basic statistics like the number of hours slept. With it, you can also discover whether your child had a restful sleep by tracking periods of movement. This may offer the parent with hints whether the child is sleeping or doing other things like playing games.

4. To Set chores

The Vivofit Jr device can also be used to set the number of tasks that the child should complete in a day. Better yet, you can realize that they’ve finished already. The parent needs to fill in the number of chores to be completed and tick off the task when completed. Here, you can set virtual coins that they child receives on completion. The coins can be given as a reward like giving them extra playing time. What’s more, the parent can set the time for the task to be completed to teach the child to take responsibility for the tasks they need to do. The should be Bluetooth connectivity, and both of them must be in range to receive notifications. You can now remind your child to make their bed and brush their teeth among other things.

How to use Garmin vivofit JR.

The device contains various screens which the child can scroll through. The first screen contains the counter screen which shows the number of steps taken through the day. It has a bar that gets filled up as it gets closer to the 60-minute activity and keeps counting when the child surpasses the goal.

The second screen contains the number of chores the child needs to complete in a day. It will periodically sync data to show your child progress during the day. However, you can do this manually by opening the app on your phone.

For the task timer, you can access it on the wearable only to help the child manage their time. You need to hold the key on the device to get the menu. When you press the key timer repeatedly, you’ll get the timer start to count down. The timer can be set up to 30 minutes depending on the tasks at hand such as cleaning the room and reading.

Battery Life

One thing that Gamin paid much attention to is the battery. This helps the child wear the Vivofit Jr on their hand for as long as possible. The activity device boasts a battery that lasts more than a year. As opposed to other similar devices that offer a maximum of 5 days battery life, the Vivofit Jr manages it’s incredible battery life through a pair of non-rechargeable coin cell batteries that can be replaced.

Do you need to recharge the batteries?

While most wearables need charging every couple of days, the Garmin vivofit JR gives you an amazing long power life. The best thing is that your child will not need to remove the device from the wrist to charge it. Besides, the only way to access the battery is by using a Philips, screw driver. This should only be done when you need to replace the battery.

The verdict

Like other wearable devices the Garmin vivofit JR has its pluses and minuses, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Garmin is constantly targeting new segments with one example being the younger crowd. With a fair price of $79.99, the device is a great buy for your child. Let your kid walk everywhere with the waterproof device while you keep track using the free app.

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