Garmin BaseCamp app for mobile

Yes, now this app (BaseCamp) is also available for iPhone. But…compatible with iPhone 4S and the latest iPhone 5 only. I’m the owner of 3GS and unfortunately this app does not wrok on m y mobile. I guess that’s a good excuse to upgrade for the iPhone 5.

The purpose of this app is to go together with the latest wrist-worn GPS from Garmin – FENIX (available on Garmin website for USD 399.99; at the time of writing this post, Garmin proceses the orders for Fenix during 3-5 weeks; would that mean lack of stock because of its popularity?). I wonder you had the chance to play already with this model. I’m expecting a sample during the next few days. Here are some first few words about fenix release on our blog

Here is some description of the BaseCampe taken from Garmin International Blog : “BaseCamp Mobile utilizes Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) for optimal battery performance on both the iPhone and fēnix. The app will display waypoints, tracks or routes and you can easily switch between regular map, satellite or hybrid view and pan and zoom in each of these. When selecting routes or tracks, you’ll also be able to view elevation, temperature and speed graphs. fēnix is equipped with ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer and compass) to provide you the real-time information you need while on the trail. For advanced and extremely accurate temperature reading, fēnix can be also be paired with tempeTM, Garmin’s new external temperature sensor. ”

I still don’t have a chance to play with the app and fenix yet, but if you have any first thoughts, please kindly share them.

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