Fitbit Zip review

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker Review. Fitness trackers just like the people who use them, can be seen in several “shapes and sizes”, and the Fitbit Zip fits slots in nicely into the petite category of “not worn on the wrist” activity trackers. The Fitbit Zip is the company’s effort to make the activity tracker highly affordable (under $ 50) and designed for people who don’t like wearing straps on their wrists. This compact fitness monitor displays your calories burned, estimates distance and counts your steps via its integrated accelerometer.

The Fitbit Zip is an ideal fitness tracker for those who’d like some motivation to get fit and want to be more aware how active they are (or aren’t 😉 ). With regards to size, the Fitbit Zip activity tracker is nicely small (1.1″ x 1.4″ x 0.38″) with smooth round edges, making it easy to slide in and out of your pocket. It can be synced with your smartphone or computer to view your stats, log activities and meals, even compete with friends via the Fitbit app or website.

Highlights of the Fitbit Zip

  • Tap display
  • All day activity tracking (steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes)
  • Wireless syncing
  • Long battery life (about 5 months)
  • Water resistance (not swim proof)

What’s in the Box?

  • Fitbit Zip clip on holder
  • Bluetooth Smart USB stick
  • Battery cover opener
  • Battery
  • 3V coin battery

Fitbit Zip Design

Fitbit ZIP

Activity tracker Fitbit ZIP

Weighing just 0.3ounces and measuring  1.1″ x 1.4″ x 0.38″, the Fitbit Zip is definitely one of the most compact fitness trackers in the market, and can be had in five vibrant colors namely blue, white, lime, black and magenta. Each package of the Fitbit Zip includes a color coordinated rubber case with clip so that you can attach it easily to your clothes. Adding to this, you also get a USB plug in device that allows you to wirelessly stay synced with your Fitbit account.

The center of the plastic body of the Fitbit Zip consists of resistive display that shows the time, calories burned, total distance you’ve walked, and a happy face that rewards you for keeping up with your fitness goals. One of the drawbacks of the display of the Fitbit Zip is its lack of a backlight, making it highly impossible to view metrics in low light and dark conditions.

There are no buttons on the Fitbit Zip, instead you simply tap the screen and go though the various modes. The display goes to sleep when you’re inactive in an effort to conserve battery power. Speaking of the battery power, this is another area where the Zip excels and powers the device for roughly 4-6 months before needing replacement. Initial setup of the Zip is as easy as plugging in the included USB syncing connector into your computer and downloading the Fitbit software.

Fitbit ZIP

Fitbit ZIP app

You will then be prompted to login to your Fitbit account or create a new one if you don’t have one. Once you’ve registered successfully, the Fitbit service will track your data, calculate your daily results and then display in the form of neat graphs and tables. Take note that during the initial setup, you will have to enter a considerable amount of data manually such as your age, sex, height and weight, but this is the case with almost all fitness trackers available in the market.

The Fitbit web app even allows you to set personal goals such as the number of steps you anticipate walking each day and the number of calories you wish to burn. Additionally, the Fitbit app also displays how long you’ve been lightly, fairly or very active or sedentary. Apart from counting steps and calories, the Fitbit Zip allows you log in your food intake and the sports you wish to perform such as running. Once successfully setup, the device will sync all the data to your Fitbit account wirelessly as long as the USB dongle is plugged into your computer.

Using the Fitbit Zip

By default once you tap the screen, the Zip will display a smiley face representing your daily progress. Tapping the screen again will display the time, which is automatically synced with your phone’s time zone. This is especially useful if you travel often and across different time zones. You can then tap the screen again to navigate through the many metrics the device records starting with steps and then distance.

Next you’ll be able to view your calories burned over the course of the day along with a smiley face. The display of the unit automatically shuts off after a few minutes, and you simply have to tap it to wake it up. What the Zip doesn’t do is record stairs climbed, track sleep or provide alarms.

Fitbit Web Account Features

The Fitbit Dashboard is your ultimate hub for viewing data about the ground you cover, but it won’t display metrics pertaining to stairs or hills you climb. The dashboard displays all this data in the form of intuitive graphs, and tracks personal goals you’ve setup. Certain widgets of the dashboard are designed to show you input vs. output such as food you consume. The massive food database has pre-programmed calorie intake for certain foods such as 6” Turkey Sub at Subway so you don’t have to guess the number of calories.

Fitbit ZIP

Fitbit ZIP (activity tracker)

The Fitbit Zip does not manually track sleep (you can check Fitbit One on Amazon under $75 which tracks your sleep patterns), but you can enter this information manually for it to show up on the phone app as well as the online dashboard. The dashboard even allows you to tweak the display settings of the Zip itself such as enabling or disabling certain pages. Although the web dashboard provides you with instant access to this trove of information, most of this same data can be viewed via the phone app. you even have an option to have this data emailed to you weekly with your updated including calories and badges.

Pros of the Fitbit Zip

  • Batter doesn’t need recharging
  • Superb motivational tool
  • Data automatically synced wirelessly to web account
  • Option to email weekly data
  • Compact design and available in several color variants
  • Waterresistant

Cons of the Fitbit Zip

  • Doesn’t count elevation
  • No backlit screen

Final Thoughts

The Fitbit Zip is one of the most compact fitness trackers in the market and also one that delivers a comprehensive range of data. Great to get extra motivation into our fitness performance, especially that it’s affordable in the “under $ 50” range.

The removable battery is good for 4-6 months and all data is wireless synced to your Fitbit account automatically when the device is within range of your computer. If you’re just getting your feet wet with fitness and would like to track your performance, the Fitbit Zip is the best way to get started and track your fitness progress.

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