Fitbit Charge 2 review


Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

If you know what activity tracker or a fitness band is then the chances are high that you also know what a Fitbit is. Fitbit is one of the first fitness band models that actually came into the market and made it big. No model before Fitbit was that famous and it can easily be said that Fitbit actually reformed the activity tracker industry.

There are some brands which become so good that they turn into the synonym of the actual product. It looks like Fitbit is going towards that direction. Well, we can’t confirm that yet but the metric and the stat shows us that the biggest market share in the activity tracker industry is now held by Fitbit, the brand.

Features of Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate+ Fitness Wristband

So, let’s focus on the features now. Why would you go for this activity tracker when there are options out there? Obviously, this is not a low priced model that you just go and buy without thinking twice. You have to be exactly sure why you need it. That is why it is important to talk about the features of this product. The good news is that you do not really need to worry about this fitness band at the end of the day. From wrist-based heart rate to ultimate tracking, it provides everything.


Great Tracking

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

Obviously, you buy an activity tracker to track your daily routine and this Fitbit knows how to do that. You will never ever feel that your efforts are being wasted as every single step is tracked on this device. There are some tracking devices out there which track your movement even if you are in a bus or car. You don’t have to worry about that silly stuff when it is Fitbit. The calorie count that it provides based on your daily tracking is near to accurate too.


Workout Oriented

So, most fitness band models that you see around are good at tracking but are not good enough when it comes to workout. It is important to have a fitness band that can track your workout sessions and this one does that perfectly. Not only it tracks your wrist-based heart rate, it also makes sure that you have the exact data of your cardio, running and other sorts of exercises. It is an all in one solution at the end of the day.

OLED Display

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

If you ask, what makes this fitness band different than the rest out there, the answer is undoubtedly the OLED display. This display offers so much that some people even buy this fitness band just for the display. Well, we are not talking about the aesthetic beauty of the display. The display is one of the best and most developed ones in the industry right now.

Think about this. You can actually see your caller, text SMS and even calendar notifications too in this display while you are wearing the fitness band on your hand. Obviously, regular stuff such as wrist-based heart rate monitor will be there for you but the core benefit is totally different. This activity tracker makes sure that you do not have to bring your cellphone out every time when there is a notification. That saves a lot of time and effort that you can’t even imagine.

A lot of people have this habit of bringing their cellphone out and checking the display to see whether there is a notification or not, they think that they might miss a notification. You will not have to do that anymore when there is this fitness band.


GPS is another core feature of this tracker. The GPS is real time and it makes sure that you have all the data in your hands while you are walking or running. Important data such as walking speed, distance or calories burnt are all there in a distance of one click so that you do not have to worry even a bit when you have to check these.

Also, Fitbit made sure that there is no unnecessary data in the unit. Think about it, you need a wrist-based heart rate monitor, you also need that important information such as calorie count, steps and so on. But you do not really need to know road suggestions or exercise tutorials. There are some fitness bands that offer these and kill charges.


  • Will the Fitbit count my steps if I am pushing a stroller?

So, how Fitbit works is by tracking your movement. When you are pushing a stroller, your hands are not moving and therefore, it will be tough for Fitbit to calculate the movement. One great strategy is to attach Fitbit with your leg or at least to keep it in your pocket. That will solve this problem.

  • Is the heart rate monitor accurately for all exercises?

Fitbit made one of the finest products out there and they made sure that they have the most accurate technology in this tracker. No matter which type of exercise you go for, you will find that the exact tracking data are being shown on the display.

  • Can Fitbit fit all wrist size?

No, it cannot. Make sure that you go for one that fits your wrist. If you buy the wrong one, you do not have to buy a new model again as the band can be replaced which is a nice benefit to have.


Finally, it can easily be said that if your intention is to take care of your health then going for something like Fitbit will definitely help you. It is no-brainer that we want to be fit and healthy. Also, it is a tough task to remain so in our busy schedules of life. Tech has a lot to do in making us unhealthy.

That same tech has come up with awesome inventions like Fitbit. Lots of people got benefitted from this fitness band. This is not just another fitness band for you, this is something that you can wear and be comfortable about. Give it a try!

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