Exercise Tracker — Top 10 Bests. Read full review

A fitness or exercise tracker is an important device used for monitoring and measuring your daily physical activity. Before buying an exercise tracker, you should consider your fitness goals because with the right tracker you will achieve the specific and desired health objectives. Fitness trackers also range from simple to sophisticated ones, however below is a guide to help you get the best tracker to fit your lifestyle and budget.

How exercise tracker work

All fitness trackers use sensors for them to monitor and track your movements, mainly by connecting and sync with a PC or a Smartphone to store your daily data activities. These activities vary and may include steps taken, hours slept, calories consumed and burned, heart rate, perspiration levels, distance walked and skin temperature.

Some trackers allow you to sync with other external heart monitors as well as other devices that provide more accurate readings. Other makes provide Smartwatch alerts such as incoming texts, calls, and emails hence providing motivation to the user. They also share your health data remotely with your doctor.

Below are the top ten exercise trackers:

10. Misfit Wearables Flash – Fitness and Sleep Monitor

Misfit wearables are sleek and the ideal fitness tracker that monitors and tracks your sleep and activities. They come in different colors so users can choose the color of their choice. The misfit flash tracks activities such as cycling, yoga, tennis, dance, running, walking and other types of sports. This device will then take all our activities and convert them into easy and readable data. You will be able to see your daily statistics such as calories burnt, steps taken, distance walked or run and others. This will help you to realize whether you are still on track or you need to work extra harder.

The device is water resistant but only for a few minutes. It comes with a smart button which is capable of controlling other connected devices. In addition, the device has a clasp thus you can wear the band anywhere either on the wrist, pocket, shirt, keychain or even in the socks. It has a Bluetooth tech which enables it to sync data. It also helps you set your sleep alarms and goals for a better sleep.

  1. No regular charging needed
  2. It’s compatible
  3. Connects with other health apps
  4. aCan be worn anywhere
  1. Not suitable for swimming ad bathing

9. Jawbone UP2 Lightweight Thin Straps

The UP2 band is one of a kind because it fits all your purposes in style. It is sleek, thin and comes in a variety of colors. Likewise, it has the best fitness applications for your Smartphone. This device has a battery that usually last for ten days before recharging again. This tracker uses algorithms and accelerometer which tracks and quantifies your activities, calories, distance covered, idle time as well as active time.

The Jawbone UP2 also has a sleep tracking which will automatically track the hours you have slept and the quality of sleep too. In addition, it has a food logging which sets goals, uses the food score and logs your meals to acquire the information which you require to improve your diet and attain your desired weight. This device also acts as a smart coach because it has personalized guides which will enable you to make healthier choices daily and help you attain your goals.

  1. smart alarm
  2. tracks your activities efficiently
  3. IOS and android compatibility
  4. Lightweight design
  1. Battery is not long lasting compared to others

8. Garmin Vivo fit 3 Exercise Tracker

It is the high time you switch to garmin vivofit 3. This exercise tracker is an activity tracker with Garmin IQ auto activity detection. It captures different actions automatically such as swimming, cycling, elliptical, running and walking and view them on Garmin connect. Also, the vivofit 3 is GCM compatible thus can be connected with our Smartphone’s for easy monitoring.

Garmin Vivofit 3 usually detects your activities automatically whether you are out for a jog, walking around the office or any other activity you intend to do. It is also easy to wear 24/7 because in this way it will monitor your sleeping habits and also help you have a better sleep without disturbing your partner. Moreover, it will give you a reminder in case you are inactive for a duration of one hour or more. The device is also water resistant and has a one-year battery life.

  1. Easy to understand maps, charts, and graphs since it is concise
  2. GCM compatible
  3. Auto activity detection
  4. Waterproof
  5. Easy to wear
  6. Let you track your progress and view your activities
  7. No charging required
  1. You can’t set the alarm manually


7. Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor, EIISON Z4 Activity Watch Exercise tracker

EIISON Z4 Activity Watch is an exercise tracker device. It has an OLED display and a waterproof level of IP67 thus the user can use it when swimming or even when taking a shower. It comes with a sleep monitor which controls the quality of your sleep. With this device, you can record all your day movement, track the day walking mileage as well as count all your walking steps. Besides, this device has a heart rate detection tool that can support the real time tracking of the user’s heart rate. It also has a Bluetooth which enables you to send and even share your progress either on Facebook, SMS, or Skype. When you are in any activity, the screen usually lights up automatically and display the time you have started, but when you are not undertaking any activity, the display will remain black.

  1. Accurately analysis the sleeping quality
  2. Multi-functional
  3. Easy to use because it has a user manual
  4. Waterproof
  1. Weak fastener

6. Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate monitor V2 Activity Watch

The V2 exercise tracker activity watch is a waterproof pedometer which can be used even when someone is showering and also when swimming but to a maximum depth of one meter only and also not exceeding 30 minutes. It also has an auto sleeping display which helps you understand the effects of sleep. In addition, this V2 activity watch has an OLED screen display where you are able to see your call notifications as well as your daily statistics.

It also acts as a multipurpose device because it has a camera remote control, music control, alarm, anti-lost phone finder, SMS reminder and also calls reminders.

  1. Waterproof
  2. Multi function
  3. Monitors your daily activities
  4. Event timer
  1. Needs to be regularly charged
  2. Not appropriate for swimming activities

5. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

Garmin Vivofit is a device that helps you keep track in your overall wellness day in day out and even in future. This is the only fitness band that meets your daily goals, monitors your progress and reminds you the time you are starting an activity. Also, Vivofit has extra features which keep user motivated; example it has a heart rate monitor which records zone data and heart rate as well as get an accurate data of the calorie burnt. Its battery is durable and can stay even for more than one year without charging; therefore the device monitors your overall advancement 24/7. Moreover, this device helps you to see the number of hours you have slept. The band is also water resistant thus you can shower or get rained on without worrying.

  1. Easy to read display
  2. Monitors your sleep
  3. Long battery life
  4. Tracks all your activity levels
  5. Stylish and comfortable to wear
  1. A bit expensive

4. Garmin vivofit 2 Activity Tracker

Get started today with Vivofit 2. This is the only exercise tracker with a backlit display as well as a one-year battery life. The display stays on so that you can’t miss a beat and you can always turn on the backlight even when it’s dark for you to see all your statistics. In addition, Vivo fit 2 has move bars which have audible alerts that remind you to stay on your goal the entire day and also alerts you when you are idle for one hour or even longer.

Also, this device comes with an activity timer which is responsible for recording all your activities in the presence of heart rate monitor or not. Similarly, garmin vivofit 2 tracks your improvement 24/7 and displays your steps, distance covered, calories and the time on its backlit display. The device also has an auto synchronize function, and it is paired with a smartphone at different intervals to show when a goal has been met since the last synchronization.

  1. Monitors all daily objectives
  2. Records users overall activities
  3. Audible alert
  4. Long lasting battery
  5. comes with a user manual thus ease of use
  6. Waterproof
  7. Shows date and time
  1. No manual alarms

3. Plustore Waterproof Bluetooth Bracelet Pedometer Calorie Bicycle Sleep Monitoring Smartwatch

Plustore Waterproof Bluetooth Bracelet smartwatch is a good exercise tracker for use by anyone because of its universal feature. It comes with step counter which is used for monitoring your daily fitness, monitoring your daily activities, tracking your walking distance as well as calculating the energy burnt. In addition, this smartwatch is water resistant therefore you can even take a bath while still wearing it. This bracelet smartwatch has a sleep monitor which analyzes the quality and length of your sleep. Also, this smartwatch has a Bluetooth which sends all your progress messages to the user’s exercise monitor such as Facebook and Skype.

  1. Tracks your indoor and outdoor activities
  2. Can be charged
  3. Easy to use because it comes with a user manual
  4. Keeps all your workout messages
  1. Stops working after some time


2. Smart Band: Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker

You will never stop moving with this Heart Rate Monitor tracker. This exercise tracker has an innovative touch screen which enables the user to see as well as monitor the heart rate of the entire day. With this stylish and slim device, you will have the motivation you require and also be more active while undertaking any activity. Also, this device monitors your sleep habit, helps you in enjoying a better sleep as well as silently wake you in the morning. This smart band also tracks all your steps, calories burnt, distance and also gives you an impression of how you are progressing in your daily goals.

Smart band tracker helps you access your statistics anytime and anyplace from your Smartphone, all you need to do is activating the anti-lost feature, and this will be your ideal companion because it will always be with you wherever you go. This device is lightweight and easy to wear; you will not even feel like you are wearing something on your wrist. You will also get immediate reminders whenever you have texts or calls.

  1. Compatible with android phones and iOS
  2. Remote camera feature
  3. Manage the calories consumed
  4. Easy to use
  5. Advanced Bluetooth tech
  1. Battery don last for long
  2. No customization with alert reminders

1. Towabo Fitness Tracker Wristband with Heart Rate monitor E3S

Towabo Fitness Tracker is the best device from Towabo. It comes with an OLED touch screen design and displays where the user can review the present date and time as well as monitor their movement on the wrist. Besides, this device has a smart light up function which usually auto lights up whenever you want to check the time or see your progress. The band is made of a great material making t durable compared to other exercise trackers.

This wristband has many functions such as displaying time, calories burnt, sedentary reminder, distance tracking steps and also heart rate monitoring. Its bracelet is adjustable thus suitable for anyone without the need of buying different size bands. It also comes with a USB cable thus can easily be charged using your ISB ports in the vehicle or even with your PC. Also, Towabo wristband is compatible with other devices.

  1. Bluetooth support
  2. Multi-functional
  3. Durable
  4. Compatible with other devices
  5. Shows date and time
  1. Lacks vibrating alert

Final verdict

To summarize, these trackers support healthy and fitness weight loss by helping you attain small and frequent success. In case you are ready to have a thriving workout regime, the above exercise trackers will keep a precise record of your day to day progress. Also, they will help you have a daily motivation to improve on your goals by their vibrating notifications, coaching tips, and adaptive goals.

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