eTrex 10 and eTrex 20 testing – our gallery

A few days back we received testing units of eTrex 10 and eTrex 20.

My all-time favorite used to be the GPS Map 60CSx which got its place on the shelf a few months back. Now is being replaced by newer units with better performance. The latest eTrex 20 is definitely getting on the top of my list.

What I like about the eTrex 20 (pros):

  • affordable (comparing to other older units with lower specs),
  • quick satellite lock (still checking and comparing the track recording performance),
  • compact size,
  • color display,
  • 1.7 GB of internal memory + memory slot,
  • battery life (25 hours),
  • USB interface,
  • paperless geocaching function

I miss some extras (available in eTrex 30), such as: electronic compass and wireless POI/tracks sharing, but I can live without them and I’d rather keep the $$$ in the pocket.

eTrex galllery:

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