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What Garmin Thailand map can I use on my nuvi?

There are 3 main options:

  1. Thailand City Navigator (NOSTRA) – 2,200 THB (purchase from a local Garmin dealer in Thailand) – the link above will direct you to map update, as there is no map item in the online store, nor specific description of this product
  2. City Navigator Southeast Asia Map from Garmin – USD 99.99 – link to Garmin map download website

    FREE Garmin map for Thailand provided by:
  3. Openstreet:


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What navigation software can be used on my iPhone in Thailand?



What navigation software can be used on my iPhone in Thailand?

Navigation software for iPhone in Thailand

There are at least 4 options worth mentioning:

  1. Garmin Thailand (USD 29,99): it doesn’t have have great reviews on iTunes at the moment for version 2014.20. Latest listed is version 2014.20, but I got updated directly on my iPhone to version 2105.10
  2. NOSTRA, which provides FREE map with lots of Points of Interest. Also some extra features included in the latest update, such as fuel prices   (related article: “Free Thai map for navigation on your iPhone/iPad updated”)
  3. Sygic: latest update dated October 2015 (now only USD 19,99; not long ago it was USD 33.99; could be a promo price). It covers: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau. What’s interesting, it states in the description: “FEATURES
    • High quality TomTom maps stored on iPhone ….“; the key word here is “TomTom” 😉
  4. TomTom:  USD 74.99 – Thailand only, there is also South East Asia map for USD 69.99, which covers: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan;


PAPAGO I M8 Thailand (USD 24.99)

The order listed above, has nothing to do with my preferences 😉

If you would like to share some more options, send me an e-mail; or comment here

Should I buy the GPS in Thailand or in my country?

Your decision should depend on where you are planning to use your GPS the most?

If you purchase the GPS in Thailand:

  • the unit comes with preloaded map of Thailand (the latest version)
  • free map updates during 1 year for basic unit (nuvi 40) and Free Life Time Map Updates for the rest of the nuvi series: nuvi 2465, nuvi 2565, nuvi 2575, nuvi 3790V
  • it’s easier to contact support and claim any troubles.

In case this is just one-time trip to Thailand (which is hard to believe anyway, I thought so when I came here for two months of holiday; and that was 8 years ago), I would suggest buy the unit in your country because of the reasons I mentioned above (having map updates is important, as well as the local support). If you have GARMIN you can always buy a map for Thailand (at the time of writing: 2,000 THB, approximately USD 62) or surf the web for free options, as Garmin is in my opinion the most popular GPS, there are many users willing to share their maps, tracks and POIs.

Would you agree with the above, or do you have any other pros and cons – please leave some comments.