Choosing Pet GPS Tracker in 2018 — Best 10 Models Review

Why do you need Pet GPS tracker, GPS locator, or GPS collar?

Pets are important creatures in our lives. They offer us comfort and a sense of companionship for both our families and us. This is exactly the reason that losing your pet may heavily affect yours and your family’s emotional state. As said, safety is better than cure. Statistics indicate that an average of 33% of pets gets lost sometime in their lifetimes. Use of a simple collar to protect your pet against straying off is no longer enough. With new technology, protecting your pet is just as simple as getting it a Pet GPS tracker, GPS locator, or GPS collar.

Best options available in the category of Pet GPS tracker and Pet locator in 2018

The year 2018 has come with great delights. Among them are some of the best trackers and pet locators on the market today. Below is a review of the top ten best pet GPS trackers available.

#1. Whistle Pet GPS Tracker

Whistle 3

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is one of the best pet trackers available in the market for its great number of merits. This piece is exclusively designed to bring smarter care and tracking for cats and dogs. This piece offers its users active alerts on their pets where about at any given time. It has a sleek design attractive to the eye and is active at any time of the day or night.

The manufacturing company offers customer care support to help the clients use the device efficiently. With this device, you can monitor and track your pet’s movements and location as well as access a full 24-hour history log of where it has been. The device may, however, be rendered useless if not on the pet. The devices battery life is largely dependent on the technology being used in your area for connectivity and, therefore, may vary in different places.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is available for $79.95 on Amazon. The gadget offers geo-location services in real time using its service provider. Users are required to get a $6.05 subscription for the service. Once subscribed, the collar can be activated and information access using a phone application. The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker application is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. It has the capability of locating your pet nationwide. According to the manufacturer, Whistle GPS Pet Tracker has a 7-day battery life and weighs only 0.96 ounces.

#2. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is yet another great well-designed piece. The waterproof GPS tracker offers its user a live notification of where the pet is and alerts when the pet leaves its designated safe zones. The tracker works with the “Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder” mobile application (Android and iOS) to give real-time updates on the location of pets. The manufacturer’s greatest advantage with this device is the global tracking system. This assures the user that they can track their pet no matter where it is on the globe. Its small beautiful design looks great on virtually any dog of any size without interfering with the pet’s movements or capabilities.

The tracker is available for $66.48 on Amazon and can be used at low subscription fees. Manufacturers of the product promise a global coverage of the tracker. The battery lasts 2-5 days on 2 hours charge time. Weighing only 1.13 ounces, the tracker can be comfortably fit on most average sized pets.

#3. DOTT The Smart Dog Tag

DOTT the Smart Dog Tag is unique in and cheap to use. Though not based on GPS location, this gadget maximizes tracking efforts by use of the Bluetooth feature. Using the DOTTwalk app, you can be notified when your pet gets out of your range and are notified again when it is within range. This simple method does not require any subscriptions whatsoever. It may however not be the best choice in case the pet strays far beyond your range, as the app cannot work. in the event the dog is lost and out of range, the mobile device keeps searching as you move around and notifies the user when within range.

This gadget is available on Amazon for only $33.99. It requires no subscription and has the average ranged capped at mobile devices Bluetooth coverage radius. Since it uses replaceable batteries and low power consumption, batteries can last from 6 to 9 months and weighs 1.6 ounces.

#4. Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator

This piece allows a 10-second notification interval on pet location at a given time. It only activates during movement and therefore power can lust for much longer than any other Pet GPS tracker. The device does not need any security features and can have multiple users tracking it at a time. Its small sleek design is perfect for any pet. The application (Android and iOS) can keep track of multiple devices simultaneously making it ideal for households with more than one pet. The device is, however, a little expensive and might not be very affordable.

The tracker is available for $129 on Amazon and subsequent $4.95 monthly subscription fees. As a GPS locator, the range is limitless. Though not well established, manufacturers assure several weeks of battery life with some making even months. The device weighs 1.6 ounces in total.

#5. Find My Pet GPS Nano GPS Dog Tracker

This piece employs the use of all technologies available that may aid pet tracking. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSM features, the device can work both indoors and outdoors to make geo-location reports to the user via the mobile app called “Find My Pet” (Android and iOS). The design cannot be ranked as one of the best but the device makes up for it in functionality. The device is capable of locating your pet anywhere in the world in real time. The various tracking technologies used to assure the device is always active and online for location broadcast. As a promotional feature, the company offers a one-month free service to all subscribers. The great number of features also influences its size and weight.

The device is available for $49.95 with a $4.99 monthly subscription. This subscription is lower for one-year subscription plans. It has a global coverage and a 3-4 day battery life. This pet GPS tracker weighs 5.6 ounces in total.

#6. LINK AKC – Smart Dog Collar

This piece is a high-quality smart dog collar that allows the user with a wide array of features. It has a unique sleek design that is presentable with adjustable straps to fit any pet. It offers 24-hour tracking services with an active customer support. The collar comes in various sizes and colors among offers other training features. It can give safety information on the pet including environment temperature. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and works directly with its paired smart devices on either Android or iOS platform. As a smart device, this collar offers the user a number of creative features not available on other similar pet tracking collars. The collar comes in various sizes. This is to facilitate usability across cats and dogs of different sizes.

The smart collar is available for $99.00 on Amazon and requires a $6.95 monthly subscription. Unfortunately, the device can only be used within the US and as such is restricted to the region. The device weighs only 4.8 ounces.

#7. Loc8tor Pet Handheld Finder Locator Cat

This is the ideal locator for a cat. Basing its location technology on proximity, audio, and visual clues, and the device allows its user to track their cat up to 1 inch. The device works within a small range and may not be as useful as a GPS in locating stray cats over long ranges. It is, however, the perfect device for locating pets within the compound. Reviewed as more accurate than a GPS locator, this is the best short-range pet locator available on the market today. The tags used are small and very lightweight. This goes a long way into maintaining your pet’s mobility as compared to any other larger pet GPS tracker. The only limitation of this device is the range. The short rang may prove stressful if the pet goes too far out of range.

The device goes for $99.95 on Amazon. The device works within a 400 ft. / 122 m radius in a clear line of sight. The battery lasts long and is largely dependent on the number of times of use. It requires no subscriptions and tags weigh only 0.18 ounces.

#8. Marco Polo Pet Monitoring, Tracking and Locating System

This is the ideal system for tracking your pet without any subscription or GPS network charges. The system works as a personal radar that keeps track on the location of the tag at any given moment. The system actively notifies the user when the pet is out of range or out of its safe zones. The user can track their pet within large areas in real time.

Location accuracy caps at up to a few inches with the optional feature for bidirectional tracking that offers results that are even more accurate. The tracker can work in areas without a network since it does not depend on any cellular network transmission for tracking. Collars are durable and have high water resistance. The tracker technology employs a 2-way radio system that gives direct visual icons on the system monitor allowing the user to quickly track and locate a lost pet. You can track up to three pets simultaneously on addition of collars.

The system retails at $234.95 on Amazon. It offers a 2-mile radius range in open conditions. Batteries can conveniently last up to 6 weeks on continued surveillance. The total package weighs 1.2 pounds but the tag itself is by far much lighter. No subscriptions are necessary for use.

#9. SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0

This gadget works using GPS to effectively record and report on the movements of the pet within a 10-mile radius. The device is waterproof submersible up to 25 feet. It can withstand various weather conditions. A rechargeable battery powers the collar that has an adjustable design to fit any dog size. Based on statistics, the TEK series 2.0 surpasses most similar products in the market. The product design is however not as appealing as it could be and could use some improvements. It also lacks in terms of features as nothing else is offered apart from the GPS tracking. This collar is compatible with TEK series 2.0 GPS tracking system and TEK series 1.5 GPS tracking system. The device uses satellite tracking, therefore faster, and more accurate than other means. SportDOD device product guides can be downloaded for all major languages from the official manufacturer’s website.

The SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0 retails at $229.95 on Amazon and offers a 10-mile radius coverage. Subscription may be required for better usability. The product shipment weighs 1.4 pounds but the collar is significantly lighter than this.

#10. Trax Play Outdoor Pet GPS Tracker

Trax play is a beautifully designed all round pet GPS tracker. It can work for both children and pets. Its beautiful design and colors offer a great attractive look. It offers the user alerts when the subject leaves the designated safe zones. Its unique design offers a competitive advantage in both size and weight. The devices work with smartphone applications to locate the subject. It is durable and water resistant. All the information is shown to the user in the mobile application (Android and iOS).

Manufacturers assure great outdoor response. The device requires the user to purchase a data plan for the device. This will assist in the GPS location services. The device is supported in over 40 countries worldwide. The device is available at $99.00 on Amazon and has a nationwide tracking area. Subscription is required for the service and weighs 0.96 ounces.

Final Thoughts

Losing a pet might be one of the worst feelings a good pet owner has. The chances of a pet straying away and never coming back are usually very high. To avoid such cases, setting up of proper contingencies is important for the overall good. Pet GPS tracker as a device has for a long time not been available. People have relied on named dog collars. With advancements in technology, you are empowered to independently locate and bring home your lost pet. Monitoring your pet is also important in keeping it safe. Use of the above-mentioned gadgets assures the safety of your pets and therefore your conscience. If you are a pet lover, considering the use of a pet GPS tracker should be one of your planned contingencies.

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