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Exercise Tracker — Top 10 Bests. Read full review

A fitness or exercise tracker is an important device used for monitoring and measuring your daily physical activity. Before buying an exercise tracker, you should consider your fitness goals because with the right tracker you will achieve the specific and desired health objectives. Fitness trackers also range from simple to sophisticated ones, however below is a guide to help you get the best tracker to fit your lifestyle and budget.

How exercise tracker work

All fitness trackers use sensors for them to monitor and track your movements, mainly by connecting and sync with a PC or a Smartphone to store your daily data activities. These activities vary and may include steps taken, hours slept, calories consumed and burned, heart rate, perspiration levels, distance walked and skin temperature.

Some trackers allow you to sync with other external heart monitors as well as other devices that provide more accurate readings. Other makes provide Smartwatch alerts such as incoming texts, calls, and emails hence providing motivation to the user. They also share your health data remotely with your doctor.

Below are the top ten exercise trackers:

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Garmin STRIKER 7sv — Full review

They say that behind every good man there’s a great woman. However, we would argue that behind every great fisherman there’s a great fishfinder. A modern fishfinder like Garmin STRIKER 7sv can help the user to locate his prey quicker and more accurately than he would do using more traditional equipment. Which is why we were so excited when we finally got the chance to test Garmin’s Striker 7sv.

The Striker 7sv is the latest version of Garmin’s successful fishfinder series. With its easy-to-use screen and powerful sonar, the 7sv has quickly become the ideal companion for all types of fishermen. Whether it’s tracking down game fish, looking for schools of tuna, or recording the coordinates of good fishing spots, the Striker 7sv comes with a range of features that make fishing more productive and enjoyable than ever before.

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Garmin Forerunner 935 — Full Review

Garmin are the leader in the GPS sportswatch market and they have various series to their name aimed at addressing the needs of all kinds of athletes. Their latest premium offering is the Forerunner 935. This is a running and triathlon watch with new performance monitoring tools and Elevate™ wrist-based heart rate technology. In addition to 24/7 heart rate monitoring, the Forerunner 935 includes new training features, allowing users to fine-tune exercise and recovery to become better athletes.

Garmin 935 comes with GPS, numerous sensors (including heart rate, altimeter, and barometer), and supports Garmin’s extensive range of sports-tracking features. The 935 tracks a number of cardio activities automatically (including cycling, swimming, hiking, and more) but offers particularly in-depth information for runners.

While this volume and depth of data might be overkill for the average wearer, the Forerunner 935 (plus the requisite accessory of your choosing) aims to provide near professional-level data and analysis to serious, data-minded athletes.

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Dash cams FAQ

1. What is dash cam?

A dash camera is basically a small video camera that is attached to your car’s windshield. It continuously records the view of the road and traffic as you drive.

Sometimes a dash camera is called a Car Digital video recorder (DVR), car black box or an in-car camera system.

Also read about best dash cams in 2017 here.

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Huawei Watch 2 Full Review

Huawei made a huge impact on the smart watch market with their original Huawei Watch and they’ve done it again with the latest Huawei Watch 2. Huawei Watch 2 is bigger, bolder and far sportier than the original, slightly formal Huawei Watch. With a mass of features it’s a watch that’s about far more than just its looks too. There is GPS to track your runs, an optical heart rate sensor for health and Android Pay for mobile payments.

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TomTom Spark 3 Full Review

Your search for a great running watch ends with the TomTom Spark 3, a 3rd Generation GPS based running watch created by sat nav and maps specialist, TomTom. This is the latest version of the TomTom Spark and is also commonly referred to as TomTom Spark 3. This satnav expert has almost the same formula as its predecessor with certain significant changes in the tracking and design departments.

With the Spark 3 you can track your swimming, running and cycling activities along with daily sleep and activity monitoring. This running watch also comes with an optical heart rate monitor that is built in as well as music that can be stored on-board and played via headphones that are Bluetooth connected. These amazing features make this running watch a total package that can work without additionally requiring a smartphone or a chest wrap separately.

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Best Dash Cam in 2017

A dashboard camera is also known as dash cam, car DVR, car camera, or even accident recorders. The basic function of a dash cam is to record your drive. Dash cameras are a unique device built specifically for vehicles. Think of it as a surveillance camera for your vehicle. Below we explain the key features you would come to expect and find when shopping for a dash cam.

Dash cams are built just like a camera. It has a processor, image sensor, camera lens, and other extra components. When shopping for one, it is important to consider the type of processor it is using; this will determine the quality. Just like computers, there are different types of processors. They range from low-end to high-end. This goes the same for image sensors.

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Garmin Vivomove Sport Full Review

The Garmin Vivomove Sport can be described as a type of fitness tracker that is neatly wrapped up in the body of an analogue watch. This product marks the Garmin Company’s very first attempt at creating a smart analogue watch. The Garmin Vivomove Sport functions to monitor sleep, track steps, track running. In addition to the Garmin Vivomove Sport model there are also Garmin Vivomove Premium and Classic models that are relatively more expensive in pricing. The weight of the watches also varies according to the model as it is directly proportional to pricing. This article essentially aims at giving consumers a comprehensive review of the Garmin Vívomove Sport watch edition.

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Garmin vivofit JR. Broken Lava Full Review

The issue of child obesity is a rapidly growing problem today. Statistics reveal that it has doubled in children and even worse quadrupled in adolescents in the past three decades. Popular health organizations such as the World Health Organization recognize the importance of exercise in making the bodies and minds of young people healthy. It’s the reason that there are fitness trackers of all rage to help in tracking children’s activity. The main aim of having a fitness tracker is motivation.

Garmin introduced a new fitness tracker known as Garmin vivofit JR which is geared towards kids of ages between 4-9 years.

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